Since the Tesla Cybertruck first blew the world's mind just a few short weeks ago, the internet has gone, shall we say, just a little cyber-crazy. There are Cybertruck memes galore and the original design has been subject to all types of alterations, including literal mashups.

While it's kind of cool that you can now buy a Cybertruck- shaped computer case, we were actually more intrigued by the image you see above: a Cybertruck-influenced Tesla Roadster. The image, conceived and contrived by Jidens Creative (you can follow them on Instagram) turned on some lightbulbs over here at InsideEVs

You see, we think the Cybertruck, the Performance version of which is supposed to sport the tri-motor design developed for the electric automaker's sportscar, could be a blueprint for future Tesla models. At least where it might make sense.

Tesla has developed a number of technologies for specific vehicles that then go on to have homes in other models – that aforementioned tri-motor setup springs to mind, as well as Model 3 motors finding their way into the Semi, Model S, and Model X. It goes to follow, then, that if the "stressed-skin" design that moves the traditional frame structure to the exoskeleton is truly advantageous – stronger, lighter, cheaper – it should be used for future product, like the Roadster or, better yet, a sub-$20,000 hatchback. 

If it's truly the best way to engineer rockets and pickup trucks, it could also improve other vehicles, no? We aren't engineers ourselves, so we can't say how valid this approach might work in other Teslas, but judging by the stir the Cybertruck aesthetic created, a Cyber Roadster, Cyber Semi, or Cyber Hatch could be a big hit. Since we appear to be headed full-steam ahead into a dystopian future, shouldn't we have vehicles that look the part?

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