We're willing to argue that the Tesla Cybertruck is practically the perfect canvas for the aftermarket industry. It's polarizing, it's not painted, and many would likely assert that it could surely use some flair and "flavor." In addition, many of today's pickup truck drivers are already all about mods.

It has only been a matter of days since Tesla CEO Elon Musk took the stage to reveal the Cybertruck and we've already seen and shared a plethora of renderings, as well as unique videos related to modified Cybertrucks.

According to a recent report by Electrek, aftermarket company dbrand has already launched a configurator for Tesla Cybertruck skins and wraps. Skins and wraps make perfect sense for the Cybertruck since it's constructed with stainless steel and not painted. Thus far, we know that Tesla may only offer it in its original unpainted form — like the truck from the reveal — as well as in matte black.




dbrand's website explains:

"You're a Mars-bound, multi-billionaire, meme-tweeting tech-Messiah who walks the line between genius and super-villain. You wake up one day and decide to design an electric pick-up truck. There's just one problem: all you have is a pencil and ruler. Enter the Cybertruck. With the help of dbrand's Cybertruck skins, you can pretend to save the world with style, grace, and the assurance that our toolkit contained more than just a straight-edge and a writing utensil. Oh, and Elon - we happen to know a thing or two about impact-resistant glass protection. Make sure to have Franz pick up a Prism before your next on stage demo."

"Elon Musk is a man with a vision for AI. Perhaps it's not the utopian AI future we dream of... you know - the one where robots enslave humanity and use Teslas as autonomous human shepherds? Actually, the more we think about it, perhaps that's exactly what Elon is dreaming of. In any event, our vision is entirely dependent on Tesla's vision being realized first. To that end, we have no choice but to accelerate the adoption of Cybertruck. Let's face it: at least one of you maniacs is going to read this and be compelled enough to buy one. That's how it all starts. As for how it ends... maybe it's better if you don't know. dbrand: It's not a product. It's a culture.™"


We can only imagine that several other aftermarket companies are already working on Cybertruck products. 

Which Tesla aftermarket company do you prefer? If you could choose any aftermarket mods and/or products for the Cybertruck, what would you choose?

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