We are sharing yet another amazing Tesla Model 3 Performance record with you. While it's not the first since Tesla's most recent over-the-air update, YouTubers JR Garage just pulled off another 2.9-second zero-to-60-mph run with the Tesla. Of course, this just works to further substantiate the Drag Times data.

Moreover, at the recent "GOFAST fast airstrip event" they hit a trap speed of 136.52 mph and demolished a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. As it continues to turn out, ICE cars just can't keep up with cars with all-electric powertrains. Sure, the EVs may not be huge performers at ridiculously high speeds, but who would ever try to achieve such speeds in daily driving? Sadly, we've seen the terrible circumstances that have come from people trying to do so.

We haven't heard much from "younguns" JR Garage as of late. These guys essentially came out of nowhere and gathered up a whopping 1 million YouTube followers. There has been lots of scrutiny surrounding where these young guys get their incredibly expensive supercars, equipment, etc., but we are not willing to dive deep into that mess since it's completely unrelated to our EV coverage. However, we will point out that the boys are now selling their BMW M3, Viper, and Maserati GT.

At any rate, just watch the video to get another glimpse at Tesla's dominance.

Video Description via JR Garage on YouTube:

I Set the Tesla Model 3 1/2 Mile Record Racing a Challenger Hellcat!!

Today we set the new Tesla Model 3 Performance Half 1/2 mile world record at the wanna go fast airstrip event! 136.52 MPH trap speed! That is way quicker than I was expecting. someone just tested the 0-60 time at 2.9 seconds! The Dodge Challenger Hellcat I raced didn't stand a chance. We love our new Tesla Model 3 :)

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