The Tesla Cybertruck – or whatever the company decides to call it – is less than a week from its official presentation. It promises to be the electric pickup most other carmakers will benchmark to create theirs. The exceptions are Rivian and Bollinger, which have already presented their models. Ford also decided to join the electric pickup frenzy. But how all of them compare? This video proposes to answer that.

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The Tinkering Thomas YouTube channel made this video in May, which makes it lack a lot of more recent information. Anyway, it works really well as a video overview of what is to come from most automakers apart from Ford. It is present in this video, but as the standard in pickup trucks. After all, the F-150 is the best-selling vehicle in the American market.

Despite the video’s age, the channel has had the care to add information about the most recent updates to the video description. We think it will soon have a newer video on the same topic with all the updates, but probably only after Tesla reveals its Blade Runner pickup truck. We’ll be sure about that after November 21.

Video Description Via Tinkering Thomas On YouTube:

Tesla, Rivian, Atlis, Bollinger, and Workhorse are a few companies trying to change how we think about pickup trucks... here's how!

I break down and compare each truck’s price, range, horsepower, torque, top speed, 0-60 MPH time, ground clearance, drive system (motors), seating capacity, battery size (kWh), max towing capacity, accessories, fun facts, rumors, and more...

Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below.


1) The price of the Tesla pickup truck is going to start at a base cost less than $50,000 USD.

2) The US is no longer giving subsidies for purchasing an electric vehicle.

3) Ford has officially announced the coming of an all-electric F-150 and released a teaser trailer for it.

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