Rivian has been quietly developing two striking electric vehicles, but the pickup truck, called R1T, is the most anticipated one. This is one of the reasons that led Alex Guberman, from the E For Electric YouTube channel, to propose this interesting discussion: Will the Tesla Cybertruck be able to beat the R1T?

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Guberman’s main point regards the styling. Elon Musk describes the Cybertruck as a vehicle from Blade Runner. He has even chosen to show it in November 2019 due to the movie. In other words, it will not be conventional. Not in the least.

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That may drive attention, but it will undoubtedly polarize opinions. Translated to sales, that can be either a huge success or an unbelievable flop. At least if design plays a significant role in the choice. Guberman remembers there are other essential aspects to consider.

Rivian R1T Reveals Design Changes At Tierra Del Fuego Shots

The range is an excellent example. While the R1T promises 400 miles, Tesla says the Cybertruck – or whatever the company decides to call it – will run for 500 mi with a full charge. In both cases, that is still way less than a regular pickup truck can do with a full fuel tank, which may be detrimental to both electric attempts to get these customers.

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Rivian R1T Reveals Design Changes At Tierra Del Fuego Shots

Guberman also brings that up and asks if these vehicles powered by electricity will compete for the same audiences. We already know what to expect from Rivian, but have no clue on what Tesla will present in a few days.

Arriving later can be an advantage. You may see the weak points of the competition and offer a product that beats them by a wide margin. But it can also be a bad strategy, since the pioneer may already have the attention and the hearts of clients.

Black Tesla Truck Render

How will the Cybertruck fare against the R1T? We have no clue, but we are anxious to find out. While we do not get there, it is more than worth joining the conversation Guberman proposes.

Video Description Via E For Electric On YouTube:

Will Tesla's pickup truck be able to outdo Rivian's electric pickup truck R1T and will they appeal to the same audience? Let's talk about it as I take your questions and comments during the LIVE stream!

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