When you are at the drag strip, and you think you have a winning car, you are there to prove this. That is what we believe in having happened to this apparently brand-new Honda NSX. Unluckily for him, he competed with a Tesla Model 3 Performance. He probably thought he could solve that with better acceleration strategies and asked for a second run. The video above shows what happened.

According to the owner of the Mar10 W6 YouTube channel, the NSX was really going a little faster than when they were together on the drag strip for the first time. You can see the Model 3 Performance’s first win in the video below:

Well, why not. The Model 3 Performance owner adjusted the camera for another angle. A humble one – if we may say so – because it was clearly trying to see how much ahead the NSX would go this time: the camera was placed facing forward.

After the green light comes off, you just get to see the NSX twice. It first disappears from the video – when the Model 3 Performance starts to accelerate. Then, it passes the EV after the quarter-mile mark – when the Tesla is already trying to recover energy.

Among combustion-engined cars, the NSX will rightfully inspire a lot of respect. It is a powerful and capable machine, praised by critics and customers. Despite that, it cannot accelerate as fast as an electric car such as the Tesla Model 3 Performance. No matter how much it tries.

Video Description Via Mar10 W6 On YouTube:

After my first race against the NSX, the owner wanted to do it again. He expected to go faster, and I've seen him run faster, so I set the camera facing more forward. Sorry for the poor angle.

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