A Honda Civic attacks a Tesla Model 3 for no apparent reason and the attack drags on and on. The driver of the Civic seemingly won't stop until the damage is done.

The entire incident was caught on TeslaCam and the driver of the Model 3 says he did not provoke this action. According to the Model 3 driver, the Civic was "behind me the whole time, then decided to overtake me on the left from a merge lane with a very short runway."

Gallery: Honda Civic Road Rage Against Tesla Model 3

Apparently, the Civic barely made the pass and the driver must've assumed the Model 3 was somehow at fault for his misjudged overtaking.

The road-raging Civic driver veers towards the Tesla on multiple occasions. A few times, the Civic passes the Tesla and then brake checks it rather dangerously. The video comes to an end with the driver of the Civic rolling down his window and throwing an unknown object at the Model 3. The object reportedly damaged the EV's paint.

The Model 3 owners is hoping that someone can help identify the Civic and its driver from this video.

Honda Civic Road Rage Incident

Video description via hillboy2001 on YouTube:

My Tesla Model 3 was targeted today on I405 by this black Honda Civic. He cut me off on purpose and brake checked on me three different times. In the end, he rolled down his window and threw an object at my car and chipped the paint.

Everything was recorded with the built-in dashcam. A police report and an insurance claim were filed. Asshole if you are watching this, I hope you get what you deserve!

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