Have you ever got to your car just to find the free spot on its left side is not only busy but also blocking your entry? In regular cars, you either try to get in through the passenger side or wait for the other driver to leave. In a Tesla, you can activate Smart Summon and then comfortably enter your car. That is what the Sentry Mode video above presents.

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In this case, Dave Woods – the Tesla Model 3 and YouTube channel owner – gets to the EV at the same time the Dodge Dakota driver is leaving. In the video comments, Woods says he has talked to the pickup truck driver. Ironically, that man also enjoys showing his butt to the cameras, as a now-famous burglar did to Sentry Mode a while ago

Woods's conversation with that driver was not really productive. Check what he said about:

“They brushed it off as if it was nothing, there was no visible damage, and I figured the likelihood for creating more damage by having them re-enter their vehicle to move it (without me moving mine) was high.”

He certainly has a valid point here. That is when Smart Summon came in handy. Instead of risking to have any damages to his car against the rusty Dakota, Woods simply summoned it out of the parking space, got in, and left.

What do you do if a Dodge Dakota driver has no idea how to park properly? If you have a Tesla, you activate Smart Summon and Sentry Mode.

What we like more about this video and the intelligent use of both Sentry Mode and Smart Summon are the classy tips Woods leaves for anyone that behaves like this Dakota driver. If you cannot exit your car easily, you probably have not appropriately parked. Do so, and be courteous. Any appeal to courtesy is never enough.

Video Description Via Dave Woods On YouTube:

After parking for a quick stop, a Dodge Dakota parks so close the driver presses his door against the Tesla while squeezing out. The Tesla driver must use Summon to gain entry to the vehicle.

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