We didn't expect the VW Golf R to win, but it did.

Watch this drag race video pitting the Tesla Model 3 Performance up against a tuned Volkswagen Golf R. Believe it or not, the VW wins this 1/4-mile race.

Just the other day, InsideEVs posted drag race video featuring a Model 3 Performance up against the mighty Charger Hellcat. The Model 3 easily won that race, so why then would it lose to a Golf R?

Well, for starters, this isn't a stock Volkswagen Golf R. The car in this race has a REVO stage 1 upgrade, which brings horsepower to a claimed 400 HP. The Model 3 Performance typically still wins against cars with that much power, but the Golf is quite light, so it has that advantage too.

REVO posts some data on this upgrade kit on its website. Here it is in brief below:


Performance testing was carried out on a private track in the UK with an ambient temperature of 17ºC. 2014 VW Golf R with DSG transmission. Revo RV019 19" wheels with road tyres, traction control off and 99RON Shell vPower. The average performance times are taken from 5 consecutive runs.

0-60 MPH in 3.71 seconds
0-100 MPH in 9.05 seconds

Those numbers are definitely impressive and in this race video, where the Model 3 Performance turns in a rather disappointing time, the modded Golf R is able to capture the win. Give the clip a watch to see the times posted by both cars.

Video description via The Car Whisperer on YouTube:

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Tesla Model 3 Performance vs. 2019 VW Golf 7 R REVO stage 1 400 HP - Drag Race

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