Wide 21-in HRE P101 wheels. Large carbon-ceramic disc brakes. Wider fenders. A rear spoiler that looks like a peacock tail. Massive 21-in tires from Goodyear. Three electric motors: two at the rear axle and one at the front. We know already a lot about the new Tesla Model S P100D+ with Plaid mode just based on the pictures. But what about all that in blue? That is what our spy photographers have just captured.

Gallery: Blue Tesla Model S P100D+ Plaid Nurburgring

Although the blue car does not seem to have the same badge on the back – it reads just 100 – it could be even hotter than the red one we have already shown you in detail. The different badge may be a way not to reveal that much.

According to the German magazine Auto Motor Und Sport, the Model S is doing laps that are 20 seconds faster than the unofficial record the Porsche Taycan claims to have set there. 

The official record attempts would start earlier than expected. Instead of just half an hour on September 21, they could begin as soon as September 18, for what our spy photographers have heard.

Tesla Model S P100D+ Nurburgring

Regarding the pilot, it will probably be Thomas Mutsch, also according to Auto Motor Und Sport. Will that mean that Nico Rosberg will not have a shot? We would not doubt that there will be more than one car running with more than one driver.

Think about it: If Porsche is so proud of the repeatability of the runs a Taycan can do, what if the Model S could also run more than once at the most feared track in the world? With different and high-skilled drivers?

Tesla Model S P100D+ Nurburgring

Thomas Mutsch is what people call a specialist on Nürburgring Nordschleife. Nico may not be that familiar with this track, but he is a former F1 champion. And that is already a lot.

Will the Model S P100D+ have seven seats? Will more than one driver get behind its steering wheel? While our spy photographers help to anticipate some of the action, we will have to be patient to see what Elon Musk is preparing. And some said his irony towards the Turbo naming had backfired...

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