The Volkswagen ID.3 1ST is already overbooked, but pre-orders for the ID.3 bumped up after the unveiling at the IAA.

The number of pre-orders for the Volkswagen ID.3 further grew in the first days of the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show and, as of September 12, stand at 33,000.

Pre-order book for the 1ST launch edition (only 30,000 will be made) opened on May 8 and within 24 hours exceed d10,000. 15,000 was crossed in under a week, but Volkswagen needed to wait almost 4 months until the Frankfurt Motor Show to reach the goal of 30,000.

Now, as the ID.3 is unveiled to the world, a few more thousand signed up and put down around a €1,000 deposit (the amount depends on country/currency) to buy the 1ST if eventually some of those within first 30,000 back out.

"Yes, we’ve done it – we have reserved an ID.3¹ 1ST! 33,000 people have already placed an order for the first model of the purely electric ID. family."

"Important: Even after the first contingent of vehicles has been exceeded, the pre-booking will continue. Interested parties can still register!


Taking into consideration production start in November 2019, and first customer deliveries from mid-2020, 33,000 pre-orders for just a single version of an all-new model is not a bad result.

We guess that the next big goal is to attract a six-digit number of customers in Europe for the three regular versions of the ID.3 annually.

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