The Rivian R1T electric pickup truck was spotted out on an adventure. This truck is dressed in white paint (unlike the silver we've seen on all R1Ts to date), though it's covered in a lot of dirt.

Our friends over at Rivian Forums shared these images, as well as some notes, which we've listed below.

The trucks are out in Argentina for some testing in extreme conditions (and likely for some filming too, which we'll keep our eyes peeled for).

Gallery: Rivian R1T White

First preproduction R1T pickups spotted! These are testing in the harsh conditions at Tierra del Fuego in Argentina. This makes things slightly more interesting.

Some notes: 

  • This is a first look at preproduction R1T.
  • First look at a white R1T.
  • First look at the R1T tailgate badge / logo.
  • First look at production interior and steering wheel.
  • Charge port moved to driver side (was on passenger side on the concept).
  • Tow hooks added to front bumper.
  • Back bumper shape and diffusers have some changes.
  • Orange reflectors in front fender trim.
  • 3/4 windows in the rear doors are gone.
  • Silver metal hooks no longer in back bumper (they acted as a step to climb into the bed - per @SpinDoc7).
  • Steering wheel generally same design but now have added many function buttons.
  • Debut of the “Black Mountain” interior color scheme (per @SpinDoc7).
  • Wearing Pirelli Scorpion all-terrain tires like on the concept R1T.

We expect to see a few more changes as the R1T moves from prototype to production, but the truck is very close to production-ready.

Unlike the promised $50,000 Tesla truck, Rivian seems to be way more realistic here. In regards to pricing, the Rivian R1T comes in a few different flavors, so the price tag will vary quite considerably. 

However, Rivian targets a starting price of $69,000 for the base version of the R1T, but the automaker notes that top-level versions will be sold first and we suspect those will go for well over $100,000.

The reveal of the R1T took place back in November 2018 at the LA Auto Show and InsideEVs was on the scene to capture the moment it hit the stage.

Production of some R1T components is already underway.

First deliveries are set to begin in late 2020, though remember those will be of top-level R1Ts. The cheaper versions will follow a bit later on.

Source: Rivian Forums

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