At the recent DEF CON 27 conference, senior information security analyst Truman Kain's Surveillance Detection Scout for Tesla vehicles was presented. For those unfamiliar with DEF CON, it's one of the largest and most significant hacker conventions in the world. It takes place in August in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has been happening annually since 1993.

Surveillance Detection Scout uses Tesla's Autopilot cameras and Sentry Mode video feeds, along with other information, like recently detected license plates and people's faces, to alert you in real-time if you're being followed. According to the press release:

Surveillance Detection Scout is a hardware and software stack that makes use of your Tesla's cameras to tell you if you're being followed in real-time. The name, as you likely gathered, pays homage to the ever-effective "Surveillance Detection Route". When parked, Scout makes an excellent static surveillance practitioner as well, allowing you to run queries and establish patterns-of-life on detected persons.

The initial version of the tool is available, though it's still in the development and update stages. The product will continue to evolve and a subsequent version will be released at a later date. If you'd like to get your hands on it to check it out, visit GitHub. In the meantime, the video above provides an interesting demo.

Video Description via Tevora Threat Research on YouTube:

Surveillance Detection Scout

Your Lookout on Autopilot. Created and presented by Truman Kain at DEFCON 27, Scout assists in both conducting and evading surveillance. Currently supporting Tesla Models S, 3 and X, Scout is a hardware and (open-source) software stack. Read the WIRED article at
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