Not long ago, we promised you coverage of The Fast Lane Car's ultimate Tesla Model X towing test. The automotive reviewers recently acquired their long-term Model X (Adventure X) after trading in their Model 3 (Thrifty 3). As of late, they've been putting it through the paces with various tests related to towing and off-roading.

What's the "World's Toughest" towing test according to TFLcar? It's the Ike Gauntlet, which is an 8-mile stretch of the I-70 interstate up a mountain in Colorado. We're talking about a 7-percent grade at over 11,000 feet.

The test features the Model X towing some 4,500 pounds. It's safe to say that the Model X is up to the task. The interesting part, however, will be how much range the trip takes. It's also important to keep in mind that when you tow with a traditional, gas-powered vehicle, range takes a big hit. So, even if the Tesla loses range rapidly, that doesn't necessarily mean towing with an EV is problematic.

At any rate, check out the video for further details about the test and to learn about the results.

Video Description via The Fast Lane Car on YouTube:

Power Hungry Tesla Model X vs The World's Toughest Towing Test | Adventure X Ep. 2

( ) Can a Tesla Model X Tow? Yes, but can it tow a maximum load up the world's toughest towing test up a mountain? That's the question that we set out to answer in this week's episode of TFL's new Adventure X video series.

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