In one of the latest interviews, Sean Mitchell talks with Munro & Associates about the Tesla Model 3, EV technology and manufacturing, as well as the upcoming Tesla Model Y and the general automotive industry.

As always in the case of videos with Sandy Munro, the insights are pretty interesting. Sandy Munro views Tesla as a clear leader in EV technology (aside from the Model 3 body-in-white, which was rather poor from the engineering standpoint). Tesla especially leads the way in battery technology and all the electronics, power electronics, as well as thermal management system.

Tesla benefits from vertical integration and innovations, while on the other hand the U.S. manufacturers (also most of Europeans) are considered way behind with too much outsourcing.

Take a look at the video notes below and watch the clip above for more on this highly interesting interview with Munro.

Video Description via Sean Mitchell on YouTube:

Sandy Munro: Model 3 manufacturing, Model Y wiring, and EV competition

What does Munro & Associates do? 1:06

What is your technical background? 3:03

What are traditional automakers doing well with EVs? 5:13

What pending EV are you most excited about? 11:38

Why are we not seeing more competitive range EVs from traditional OEMs? 13:57

Do EV makers need to create their own cells to be competitive? 16:22

Will Tesla get into the battery raw materials business? 22:01

Why is the Model 3 over-manufactured? 26:44

Is a 204 mile e-tron and 235 mile I-Pace viable for the luxury EV market? 31:25

What do you make of Rivian’s product and will Ford take advantage of their tech? 36:41

What did you discover between how Tesla and others approached overall design and manufacturing? 45:36

You’ve compared Tesla’s hardware tech to what you see in fighter jets, can you expound on that? 52:52

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