We recently reported that Jaguar has roughly 6 months of I-Pace inventory sitting on lots in the US, and some Jaguar dealers have been offering huge discounts just to move the inventory. Many of our InsideEVs staff has driven the I-Pace and have mostly all come away with very positive impressions. 

So why are I-Pace sales so poor in the US? In the video above, we talk with Alex Guberman from E For Electric and discuss possible reasons. 

First off, Jaguar is kind of a niche brand in the US and doesn't sell a lot of cars here to begin with, comparatively speaking. In the past three years, Jaguar has averaged to sell only about 35,000 vehicles annually in the US, which is a tiny amount compared to most other automakers. To put that into perspective, Tesla, which is also a "small" automaker, has already sold 100,000 cars in the US in the first 7 months of 2019 alone. 

Still, with about 200 Jaguar dealerships in the US, the luxury brand from Coventry is managing to only move about one I-Pace per US dealership per month. Now, obviously, as with all-electric vehicle sales, the majority of I-Paces sold are coming from California Jaguar dealers, but it's worth noting that with 200 dealers, Jaguar is only selling about 220 units per month. 

9. Jaguar i-Pace

Is this just a case of another proposed "Tesla Killer" falling short of the hype? Is the I-Pace a bad value for an EV with less than 250 miles of range? Are Jaguar dealers doing a good enough job conveying the benefits of driving electric to perspective I-Pace buyers? Is the immature CCS DC fast charge network in the US a concern for potential buyers? We discuss these potential issues and more in the video.

Let us know your thoughts on why the I-Pace is struggling to connect with buyers in the US in the comment section below.

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