Tesla Autopilot is far from perfect and in this instance, it appears the system got tricked.

As you'll see in the brief video clip, a Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot quickly slows down for seemingly no reason whatsoever. This causes the semi-truck behind the Model 3 to slam on its brake and nearly lose control.

The attentive truck driver saves the semi from a jackknife, but clearly the driver was caught off guard by the odd actions of the Model 3.

But what happened to make the Model 3 brake check the semi? It seems a shadow threw the system off. The shadow appears on the road from the structure above the highway. Watch and see the Model 3 react for no real reason.

Video description via Subscribe or I'll take your phone on YouTube:

While in Autopilot on a normal highway a Tesla Model 3 randomly started slowing down. The accelerator was engaged immediately to get back up to speed.

Glancing in the rearview mirror to see the effects, and the mirror was FILLED with this truck. The truck then swerved into the other lane to avoid the Model 3.

Thankfully the truck didn't jackknife.

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