The dual-motor, all-wheel drive Tesla Model 3 is not as heavy as you might think, even though EVs tend to pack a good amount of weight due to their battery pack. However, it's still heavier than the Audi RS3 by about 500 pounds. It also cranks out more torque than the German sport sedan.

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range (AWD) delivers ~345 horsepower and ~389 pound-feet of torque (Tesla doesn't provide these figures, and online sources are conflicting). In comparison, Audi's RS3 offers 394 horsepower and 354 pound-feet of torque. In terms of pricing, you're looking at about a $6,000 advantage for the Tesla.

Throttle House puts the two head-to-head at the strip. We appreciate the channel's videos since they get straight to the point and don't ramble on and on. However, we would like to see them pit the Model 3 Performance against this Audi. Anyhow, check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Video Description via Throttle House on YouTube:

DRAG RACE - Audi RS3 vs Tesla Model 3 // Throttle House Track Series

CONTINUING WITH OUR FULL TRACK SERIES, James and Thomas take the Audi RS3 and pit it against the Tesla Model 3 AWD in a drag race. Can the weight advantage of the RS3 defeat the silent and heavy Model 3? Let's find out!

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