Our Twitter friends @TheTeslaShow have uncovered the very first bit of real information on Tesla's planned car insurance program. This leaked bit of code has now vanished, but thanks to the quick work of @TheTeslaShow, we've got the info right here for you.

Tesla (well, mainly Elon Musk) seems to think this insurance offering will be a huge addition for the automaker, though others disagree, as the insurance business is indeed a tricky one to conquer. Regardless, it seems Tesla is pushing forward with this and now we have some concrete proof.

@TheTeslaShow posted this on Twitter:

EXCLUSIVE: Discovered Tesla Insurance info on the Tesla website awaiting my Model 3 delivery.

Already in code:

Introducing Tesla Insurance. Select Tesla Insurance for low rates and one seamless experience.

Match your existing coverage or select a new plan with an instant quote.

And here's the tweet, via @TheTeslaShow on Twitter:


Down below we've enlarged the text from the tweet:

There's not a lot to go on here, but it at least proves that Tesla insurance is indeed coming.

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