This Tesla owner clearly has a fantastic sense of humor. As you can see from the images posted on Twitter, he/she rebadged the Model 3 as a Honda Civic Si. Perhaps the owner wishes for an all-electric Honda? Or, is ashamed of the Model 3? Or wanted a Honda that performs better at the track? Or ... honestly, who knows, right?

The most interesting part here is that the Honda badge and moniker almost look right at home on the popular, Silicon Valley electric car. Perhaps we need to apprise this owner of the Teslonda?

This Honda Civic Si that's really a Tesla Model 3 was out driving, and multiple people captured images to share on social media. While the concept and images are fun, it's almost more fun to read the Twitter comments related to the situation.

At any rate, we'd love to see an all-electric, performance-oriented Honda Civic come to market sooner rather than later. In the meantime, Model 3 owners can probably order a badge online.

Have you seen other interesting "rebadging" shares? If so, drop an image in the comment section below.


Source: Jalopnik

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