EVgo announced that it's the first charging network in the U.S. to contract for 100% renewable energy to power.

The company is purchasing electricity ensuring - through certificate - that the suppliers have the renewable power generation capacity. Purchasing energy under such a deal could be slightly more expensive, but it supports the expansion of renewable electricity.

In California, EVgo decided to go 100% solar and it's kind of cool that EV drivers can drive with peace of mind in regards to their environmental impact.

"EVgo contracts with its energy suppliers and renewable energy certificate (REC) partners to ensure that each gigawatt-hour delivered on its fast charging network financially supports an operating renewable energy generator in the U.S. EVgo’s 100% renewables commitment was announced today as part of the spring member meeting of the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA), of which EVgo is a member.

Across the country, EVgo is buying a combination of Green-e® certified wind and solar energy through its electricity suppliers and REC partners. In California, EVgo is currently procuring 100% solar RECs from California and intends to purchase bundled renewable energy from its partners as they become certified through the California Air Resources Board Renewable Energy Pathways program."

Julie Blunden, Executive Vice President for Business Development at EVgo said:

“At EVgo we understand that our customers value all the ways EVs deliver a delightful driving experience, from better acceleration to eliminating tailpipe emissions. EVgo is the national leader in customer satisfaction and we plan to extend that lead with 100% renewable energy powering every mile charged on our convenient and reliable fast charging network.”

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