Now that Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot feature has undergone another substantial update, it's high time to see exactly how it reacts. Thankfully, Tesla owner and YouTuber Scott Kubo does a solid job of showing off the feature while providing a nice narrative. The best part is, he doesn't ramble on and on, which keeps the video short and concise.

In this video, Kubo shows his Tesla Model 3 changing lanes on its own, without any driver confirmation. Moreover, there's some debris on the road that appears as though it's left over from a previous accident.

How does the Model 3 fare when it comes to actually switching lanes actively? Could it happen sooner and more aggressively with another update? Does the debris impact the car's decision-making process?

Watch the short video to find out. Also, we'd love to hear from you about your recent experiences with the new Tesla semi-autonomous tech. Let us know in the comment section below.

Video Description via Scott Kubo on YouTube:

Lane Changes and Road Debris - Tesla Nav on Autopilot w/o confirmation

(v9 2019.8.5) Navigate on Autopilot w/o confirmation lane changes in Los Angeles highway traffic. Autopilot encounter with road debris.

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