According to Handelsblatt, Deutsche Post DHL seeks a new owner for its StreetScooter electric vehicle subsidiary.

The German startup was acquired by Deutsche Post DHL in 2014, as the company wasn't able to find a proper EV that would fit its needs. Since then, DHL launched production and in total produced more than 9,000 StreetScooters, having now two assembly plants ready to deliver up to 20,000 (WORK and WORK L models) annually.

Separately, the third, bigger StreetScooter WORK XL, based on a Ford Transit chassis, has been produced by Ford in Cologne since October 2018.

At first glance, it looks like Deutsche Post DHL's StreetScooter is a success story, but as it turns out, the startup remains unprofitable.

Taking into consideration growing competition in commercial delivery vans on the horizon, it's not strange that selling StreetScooter would be a smart idea.

Currently, Deutsche Post DHL is in talks with various manufacturers, but didn't find one yet who's willing to pay enough.


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