Prices are known, orders are being accepted

One of the Canadian dealers - Brantford Kia - shared info about the two new Kia BEVs that are coming to Canada this year.

***UPDATE: We've corrected some pricing discrepancies.

The presentation is a little chaotic, but it includes the prices, which is the most interesting part:

*both with 64 kWh battery Soul EV comes standard with 39.2 kWh battery  (64 kWh pack optional), while the Niro EV comes standard with a 64 kWh pack. 

It seems that the new e-Soul will be significantly more expensive than the outcoming model, but with twice the electric range, it's still worth consideration. The even more important question now is whether to buy the e-Soul or e-Niro, as both as priced quite close to one another.

Here is also a Kia Soul EV and Niro EV walkaround review at the 2019 Canada Auto Show:

Hat Tip to Harold!!!