Norway accepts all Model 3s that the factory can deliver.

This new video presents up to approximately 1,000 Tesla Model 3s (and roughly 100 Model S/X) unloading from a ship to trucks in Oslo in Norway.

According to Bjørn Nyland, the Model 3 soon will be seen everywhere in Norway and at some point in the future will take over the majority of the Supercharging stations.

The latest registrations data shows that this month the Model 3 averaged more than 100 registered units per day!

With already 1,800 Model 3 so far this month in Norway, will it hit 3,000 by month's end? The Model 3 will be the top-selling car of any kind for the month of March, and maybe YTD too after the first three months of the year.

The demand for the Long Range version is expected to flatten later this year, but should be then filled by the launch of the Standard battery version.

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