But, he says, "Regular cars are stupid."

One would think that buying a new car would bring kudos and congratulations from friends. That's especially true if that car is a Tesla Model S P100D, a battery-powered sedan capable of destroying supercars on the dragstrip, and also able to carry your latest load from the shops back home in quiet comfort. For Joe Rogan, it seems that is not the case.

In the video above, a short excerpt from a longer podcast, he tells his guest David Wallace-Wells that he actually got blowback from friends after buying the car. Much of that negative reaction came in the form of comments that questioned his masculinity, apparently. You know, the kind of harassment a boy might have gotten in middle school if they were to step outside the socially-accepted norms of their peer group. He does go on to admit that his friends are comedians, and so the judgments were mostly made in a joking manner.

He later also concedes that he himself was skeptical about electric vehicles before having Tesla CEO Elon Musk as a guest on his show. He says he has some muscle cars and an older Porsche and says they're fun. But, he also remarks that they are stupid. The Tesla, he says, is a way better way to get around.

One area we do take issue with Rogan's comments concerns his description of Autopilot. He characterizes the system as the car driving itself, allowing the actual driver to not pay full attention. While he may have been exaggerating for affect, we note that drivers are still responsible for control of the car regardless of the assistance system being engaged.

He then fills his guest in on the fact that the California automaker will offer a car -- he refers to the Tesla Roadster -- around 2020 with a 660-mile range. That, fans will note, is something of an exaggeration. Tesla has said the new electric sportscar will "only" boast 620 awesome miles of travel on a charge.

Before clicking on the clip (above), be aware that there is some NSFW language tossed about. Considering that Wallace-Wells is the deputy editor and climate columnist for New York Magazine and the author of The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming, some readers may want to watch the entire 2-hour episode. We've embedded it for your convenience just below.

Source: YouTube
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