The better the EV is, the longer you need to wait?

The Kia e-Niro is one of the best new electric cars on the market, but unfortunately, when it finally hit the market, it turns out that demand exceeds production capacity severely.

Earlier this month we saw signals about constraints from the UK, but now it's clear that e-Niro availability will be scarce globally. obtained a dealer letter, which indicates that delivery time could extend to more than a year because demand is exceeding expectations and there's not sufficient battery production capacity.

Kia recommended communicating a delivery forecast of at least 12 months, instead 6 months previously, in the case of new orders! Moreover, also the already placed orders will be affected by delays.

"The letter was made available to In the letter, Kia further states that this applies both to new orders and to already concluded orders for the e-Niro. Accordingly, it is recommended to adjust the generally communicated delivery forecast from “6 months from order” to “at least 12 months from order”. In addition, the company added: “first of all, we want to ensure nationwide availability with demonstration vehicles”, “in order to enable as many potential buyers as possible to obtain comprehensive advice and test drives."

It's bad news for those who saw all the positive reviews about e-Niro and would like to purchase. Also, Kia is in a difficult situation, because it will not be able to realize the full potential of its well-developed electric car.


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