Rivian was not the first.

Believe it or not, electric pickup trucks aren't a new thing. In fact, a couple major automakers had EV pickup trucks on offer not too long ago.

However, it wasn't until Rivian hit the stage with its R1T electric pickup truck in LA that the world took notice of electric trucks in a big way.

Now, all the EV hoopla in the U.S. seems to center around trucks and for good reason. The pickup truck segment is super hot right now, largely due to low gas prices. However, the utility of these types of vehicles is widely appreciated by consumers, including the EV crowd.

Add in the fact that both General Motors and Ford jumped in on the electric pickup truck bandwagon and it's clear this is the must-watch segment.

But let's take a step back

Did you know electric trucks aren't new? Were you aware that both Ford and Chevy had electric trucks on offer way back in the early days of modern EVs?

As you'll see in this video via Tinkering Thomas, electric trucks actually date back a long, long time ago. But what is new with this current EV truck wave is that we're seeing big trucks now. Ones that are highly capable like the Atlis XT (image below). Electric is no longer limited to small trucks. Nor are EV pickups short-range and light duty.

Today's electric pickup trucks are real trucks and that makes a world of difference.

Atlis XT Pickup Truck

Ford Ranger Electric Truck:

The Ford Ranger EV (Electric Vehicle) is a battery electric vehicle that was produced by Ford. It was produced starting in the 1998 model year through 2002 and is no longer in production. It is built upon a light truck chassis used in the Ford Ranger.

Chevy S-10 Electric Truck:

The Chevrolet S-10 Electric was an American electric-powered vehicle built by Chevrolet. It was introduced in 1997, updated in 1998, and then discontinued. It was an OEM BEV variant of Chevrolet's S-10 pickup truck. The S-10 Electric was solely powered by electricity, and was marketed primarily to utility fleet customers.

Video description:

Believe it or not, there is actually a history to electric pickup trucks!

Source: Tinkering Thomas On YouTube

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