Chevrolet Bolt Wallpaper – New Photos

Finally some fresh, high resolution photos of one of the nation’s top-selling electric vehicles; actually, the very top for October in the US. We are talking of the Chevy Bolt EV of course, and at long last General Motors has released some high resolution images (mostly with a Summer theme) of…

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Alex On Autos Reviews The Chevrolet Bolt EV – Video

The Chevrolet Bolt EV was recently reviewed by Alex on Autos, who is well known for providing detailed walk-throughs, helping to make purchase decisions. The Bolt EV is a small car dimensionally, but with an interior space that fights well above its class segment. It’s power-train (150 kW) and battery/range…

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Chevrolet Bolt EV Sales Hit Record High In October!

About 2/3rds of all vehicles not named Tesla are acquired via a lease, and of those remaining vehicles that are purchased almost half are done so in the 4th quarter – thanks to the way the $7,500 federal credit works in conjunction with the calendar tax year. This fact, and…

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General Motors Acquires Lidar Specialist Strobe Inc.

The automaker is one step closer to making self-driving cars a reality. General Motors hopes to take bigger steps in the autonomous world, and to help make that happen the automaker has acquired California-based Strobe, Inc. And no, this isn’t a company dedicated to strobe lights for Halloween parties, but it’s…

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Chevy Volt Sales Set Single-Month EV Record In Canada

  Chevrolet Volt sales set a single-month record for plug-in electric vehicles in Canada. While we don’t typically cover Canadian plug-in sales due to lack of automaker’s reporting figures, every so often something of importance pops up in the numbers. For example, in September, sales of the Chevy Volt in…

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Electric Cars

GM CEO Seems To Question Demand For Electric Cars

GM CEO Mary Barra had to clarify some recent remarks about electric cars to assure that her words were not spun into something negative. Barra has made it clear on numerous occasions that she supports electric cars and is excited about GM’s electric future. However, she is concerned about demand…

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