BEVs are the hottest segment in Europe with growth rate of 47%

JATO Dynamics released a general summary of car sales in Europe in 2018 withan interesting comparison of particular powertrains.

Among the 15.6 million cars sold (just 346 more than in 2017, but still the best result since 2007), alternatively powered cars (hybrids, plug-in hybrids, electric and other) took share of 6.1% (945,000):

  • Gasoline cars - 57%
  • Diesel cars - 36% - 5.59 million (down 18%)
  • Alternatively powered cars - 6.1% - 944,800
    • Hybrids - 555,000 (up 24%)
    • Electric - 195,000 (up 47%)
    • Plug-in hybrids - 180,000 (up 22%)
    • other - 14800

Car sales in Europe - 2018 (Source: JATO Dynamics)

As you can see, all-electric cars increased by 47%, which is th quickest growth in the industry (even the hot SUV segment is growing by "only" 19%). With many new models coming on the market or in the ramp-up phase, we could guess that BEVs will be above conventional hybrids by the end of 2020, or at least 2021.

"Notably, most of the fuel type’s growth was driven by pure electric vehicles, which outsold plug-in hybrid vehicles, as their volume increased by 47% from 132,800 vehicles in 2017 to 195,300 vehicles in 2018. Norway was the biggest market for electric vehicles, where they held a 31% market share, while the Netherlands outsold the UK and became the fourth largest EV market, behind Germany and France."

Source: JATO Dynamics

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