Alliance EV sales increased by 34%

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance achieved in 2018 combined sales of 10,756,875 units (up 1.4% year-over-year), which makes it the biggest automotive group globally with a market share of one in nine of all cars and light commercial vehicles.

The results differ between the three partners (with all its brands):

  • Renault Group - 3,884,295 units (up 3.2%)
  • Nissan Motor - 5,653,683 units (down 2.8%)
  • Mitsubishi¬†Motors - 1,218,897 (up 18.3%)

EV sales in 2018

The official press release says that in 2018 sales of electric vehicles by the Alliance increased by 34% year-over-year, which outpaces the overall growth.

The precise number for 2018 was not released, but we assume at least some 140,000 BEVs (of all the brands), which would translate to up to 1.3% of the total volume.

The cumulative sales since 2010 stands now at 724,905.

"In 2018, the Alliance maintained its commitment to zero-emission vehicles. Its leadership in the segment with cumulative sales of 724,905 electric vehicles since 2010 was driven by demand for the Renault ZOE and Nissan LEAF, among other EVs."

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