This week, we have news on Porsche’s EV Strategy, a General Motors and ChatGPT Collab, Rivian's "Amazon" Van, and Mitsubishi's future plans. We also have an update on the Mississippi Bill: Our Top EV News for the week of Mar 16, 2023.

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More Electric

Porsche's electrification strategy is nothing short of ambitious. The all-electric Macan has made its way down the home stretch and will soon be available to customers. By the middle of the decade, the all-electric 718 will be available solely as an all-electric model. Following in its footsteps is the all-electric Cayenne, which will serve as a fourth-generation SUV and underscore Porsche's objective of providing more than 80% of its new vehicles as all-electric models by 2030. Which electric Porsche are you most excited about?

General Motors' EV Teaser Reveals Low-Slung, Sporty Coupe

GM & AI Team Up

How about a GM and ChatGPT collab? It may happen, as General Motors is exploring the use of ChatGPT in its future vehicles. According to GM Vice President Scott Miller, "ChatGPT is going to be in everything," adding that the automaker is exploring using the technology in its upcoming cars. While GM has not been specific about the functionality ChatGPT could add to its vehicles, the limited examples provided suggest promising outcomes, such as improving voice commands.

Tweak the Exclusive?

Rivian and Amazon have reportedly been engaging in discussions with regard to a potential adjustment of the exclusivity clause in their agreement concerning electric delivery vans. A spokeswoman for the EV manufacturer stated that if the exclusivity piece of the agreement were to be eliminated, Rivian would have the freedom to woo new customers while also focusing on the production ramp-up of the company's vans, the R1T, R1S, and the forthcoming R2 model. How can you not welcome more electric delivery vans?

Mitsubishi product roadmap

Challenge 2025

Mitsubishi shared its three-year plan known as "Challenge 2025." This plan has set out Mitsubishi's corporate direction in reinforcing the company's environmental commitment to achieve a carbon-neutral future. Under Challenge 2025, the next three-year mid-term plan will accelerate efforts toward a sustainable carbon-neutral future, made possible through a reduction of vehicle CO2 emissions by 40% and a reduction in operational CO2 by 50% by 2030. Mitsubishi also aims to make 50% of global sales electric by 2030, and then 100% of the fleet electrified by 2035. “Drive your Ambition.”

Mississippi Bill Update 

The Mississippi Governor signed the bill banning direct in-person sales of EVs. Not sure what to think about this one…

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