The Rivian-made Amazon electric delivery van (EDV) has attracted an unusual amount of attention for what is basically a box van for delivering parcels, like the ones that have existed for decades. What makes it special is the fact that it’s electric, it’s made by Rivian, which is a trendy EV startup that makes cool off-road vehicles, and it looks quite futuristic.

Even Doug DeMuro thought it appropriate to review the Rivian EDV, probably making it the first such vehicle that he’s ever featured on his channel. Doug did review vans in the past, but they were always quirky and unusual or highly customized RV; none were simple delivery vans.

And yet the EDV is far from being typical as it uses a lot of technology to try to make the delivery driver’s life easier, as Doug demonstrates when showing off its (surprisingly) many features. He makes it clear from the start of the video that he doesn’t think this van is boring and then proceeds to list and demonstrates quirks and features for the next thirty minutes...

He begins by pointing out that because Amazon is currently the only customer for this van, Rivian has basically included the internet giant’s logo and colors all around and throughout the van. Even the key fob, which doesn’t have the Rivian logo, but the Amazon smile instead, and since no delivery driver will be keeping this with their own keys, it actually has a small clip so that you can secure it to a shirt pocket and easily lock and unlock the vehicle without having to hold it in your hand.

The Amazon light blue color is also present virtually everywhere inside, from the railing which you hold on to when climbing aboard from the right side of the vehicle, to an insert in the driver’s seat and even the speckles in the floor material. It’s even on the adherent anti-slip strips located on the steps and also on the seat belts for both driver and passenger.

Still, the most important design details have to be those that make the delivery driver’s life easier. The one we’ve already seen in another video and appreciated is the automatic sliding door to the cargo compartment - it opens by itself when the vehicle is put in its park position, and then closes when going into drive, saving the driver a few seconds every time.

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