We can only imagine that as delivery drivers transition to a new vehicle, it can likely be as unwelcome and frustrating as it is exciting. Change isn't easy, even if it's for the best. However, if the transition to electric vehicles in the commercial space is anything like it is in the personal car space, it only makes sense that drivers would be more apt to fall in love than to want to quit their job.

The world around us is constantly evolving, and while we think of the latest devices we carry around as "normal," there were plenty of people pushing back against the transition as it unfolded. Now, it's hard to imagine settling for a horse and buggy over a car or a landline phone over a mobile device.

At any rate, as you'll see from the video above, an Amazon delivery driver from Seattle got to check out the all-new Rivian EDV. He documented his impressions on camera to share with the world on his personal YouTube channel, Friday Adventure Club. Clearly, there are many reasons the new electric delivery van is much better than the gas-powered vans it replaces, but that doesn't mean all drivers are going to immediately fall in love.

With that said, upon first seeing the Rivian EDV, this particular Amazon driver says his dreams have come true. We can only hope that many other Amazon delivery drivers are also happy with the electric vehicle.

Friday Adventure Club takes us through the different configurations of the Rivian electric delivery van, including the EDV 500, 700, and 900. The smaller number indicates a smaller van, with the EDV 500 being about 20 feet long, and the length increasing from there. The largest option is still less than 30 feet long. Teslarati notes that the estimated range is 150 miles for the small and midsized options, and 120 miles for the EDV 900.

The Amazon driver raves about the Rivian van's massive cargo volume, digital displays, 360-degree camera and keyless functionality. However, all of these features could easily be present in any new delivery van, regardless of the powertrain.

What sets the EDV apart from its rivals is its one-pedal driving, silent operation, zero tailpipe emissions, and exceedingly cheaper fuel and maintenance costs compared to ICE options. The only real knock against the Rivian EDV is its low ground clearance. Check out the video for more details. Then, scroll down and leave us your thoughts.

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