Amazon is in the process replacing a large part of its fleet of fuel-burning delivery vehicles with Rivian-made electric vans, and it looks like they are a hit with delivery drivers. These vans called EDV are not only quieter, more advanced and more convenient, but they also make life easier for the driver, according to this video that was posted a few days ago.

Friday Adventure Club made this 20-minute long video detailing his day with the Amazon EDV, mostly pointing out how much better it is than previous vans. He likes the cargo area that has double shelves on both sides, as well as a part where the shelves can be folded out of the way make room for taller items or the dolly he uses to bring bigger packages to people’s doors.

Driving the EDV is not only a serene experience, given that it does without the constant thrum of an internal combustion engine, but it’s also much more convenient. For instance, every time the vehicle is put into park, the sliding door to the cargo area opens automatically - it’s worth noting, though, that there isn’t actually a physical switch to open this door, and if it’s not open, you will have to do it via the touchscreen.

The EDV should also be safer too, with its complete suite of active and passive aids. For instance, at one point in the video, the vehicle detects a pedestrian walking on the road and it sounds an alert, and also flashes the right side of the infotainment screen to make sure the driver is aware of it - this feature may be more useful than you think as delivery vans are often driven around residential areas where people could come from any direction.

And the fact that it's electric means there is a chance pedestrians might not be aware of its presence, so the fact that it has cameras and sensors to let the driver know exactly what’s going on around the vehicle is a big plus over older delivery vans. It also has a full 360-degree around-view camera system that should also make parking the vehicle easier.

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