Frito-Lay's reduced emission's operation will employ solar power, vehicle chargers, Tesla Semis, Tesla Powerpacks, and BYD vehicles.

Frito-Lay is going all out with its emissions-reducing distribution facility. Moreover, Tesla, among others, is on board to help make it a reality. This comes as no surprise since parent company PepsiCo placed one of the most substantial Tesla Semi pre-orders early on. Specifically, the company secured 100 all-electric semis from the Silicon Valley automaker in 2017. Now, Frito-Lay will use 15 Tesla Semis, along with multiple Powerpacks to bring its plans to fruition within about two years.

The facility in question is located in Modesto and is one of the company's most significant food distribution operations. Interestingly, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has already approved some $31 million in funds for the project. The monies are part of an ongoing effort to help curb air pollution in the San Joaquin Valley area. In addition, the state of California will cover half of the approved funds.

Frito-Lay will use the money to transform the facility in a numbers of ways. Aside from the 15 Tesla Semis, the company plans to utilize the following equipment (via the project filing as reported by Electrek):

  • 38 Volvo ultra-low carbon renewable natural gas trucks
  • 12 battery-electric BYD forklifts
  • 6 Peterbilt e220 battery-electric straight trucks
  • 3 battery-electric BYD yard trucks
Additionally, the site will use solar arrays, a natural gas fueling station, and other electric vehicle related charging and supply systems and equipment.

Source: Electrek

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