The charge took 1:48 hours and gave the vehicle a range of 504 kilometers (313 miles) with a reported cost of $18.98 for a full charge.

Ever wondered how a full Tesla Model 3 charge looks like?

The video above gives us a direct answer to that question in form of a rather nifty time-lapse video. It represents a Tesla Model 3 Long Range, being supercharged completely from 0 - 100% charge. The video showcases a full session time lapse, the vehicle's battery is warm and the owner didn't have to share the Tesla Supercharger with anyone else.

The complete charge took 1:48h and gave the vehicle a range of 504 kilometers (313 miles). Additionally, it juiced up the battery with 75kWh with a max charge rate of a whopping 117 kW. The Model 3 Long Range comes with a 75 kWh battery pack. This means that when the vehicle is connected to a Supercharger and charging at a rate of 115 kW, it will reach a 40% charge in less time than a Model S P100D. In turn, this means that the Model 3 will spend less time at the rather high 115 kW charge rate, but it will be faster at charging from 0 - 40% than a Model S or X with 100 kWh battery.

The full charge - as reported by the owner - will set him back a total of $18.98. Bear in mind that electricity rates vary geographically, much like gas prices. Last we checked, the average U.S. price for electricity was around 13 cents per kWh. January 2018 rates show Louisiana with the lowest price, around 9 cents per kWh, and Hawaii the highest, at over 30 cents. Hawaii is an exception, however, since the next most expensive state is Rhode Island, at just over 22 cents. It doesn't come as a surprise that a Supercharger in what we're guessing is California will rack up the charging bill this fast.

While there are many other potential variables to decide the cost of electricity and the resulting supercharging cost, the price to fully charge this Tesla Model 3 Long Range seems a bit steep. We may be wrong, however, and would love to hear your personal experiences regarding charging a Tesla Model 3 on a Supercharger in the comment section below.

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