Did Tesla quietly change the seats in the Tesla Model 3?

This isn't the first we've heard talk about different seats in the Model 3. Changes like this - despite the fact that Tesla isn't always so transparent about such things - don't go unnoticed. Remember the whole Alcantara headliner situation?

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Like Tesla verified the seat change, due to a very interesting situation.
Tesla model 3 seats

The couple was planning to get the stock seats changed out for new Tsportline white seats. They pre-ordered the seats and had them in their possession ahead of taking delivery of their new Tesla Model 3.

Right after they took delivery, they drove the Model 3 to the installer and were told that the seats they picked out would not fit. It turns out that Model 3 seats made beginning in May 2018 (which they refer to as Gen 2) are wider and have a different pattern among other obvious alterations.

The above video explains everything they've learned about the Model 3 seat situation, along with before and after pictures outlining the changes to the seats, as well as information related to Model 3 VINs and when they believe the change occurred.

Below is Like Tesla's Model 3 delivery video that initially exposed the revamped seats.

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