This BEV is also capable of efficient battery swapping.

One more flies.

Pipistrel's Taurus Electro launched its two seater in 2007 and it's produced in Ajdovscina, close to the Italian border.

Pipistrel hopes to revolutionize the market with their Electro Taurus. The Taurus G2 is a sailplane. The ROI of the $120,770 Taurus is achieved by the plane's inexpensive maintenance. According to Pipistrel, with an operational cost of 70 cents per hour, the Taurus G2 costs 10 times less to operate than traditional twin-seater planes.

The Taurus is capable of achieving an altitude of 6,500 feet on its lithium battery, after which the engine is retracted for sailing.

Though traditionally an automotive site, we continue to follow plug-ins that fly. For in fact, battery technology advancements impact multiple applications.

(Update) A recent comment was made by Pipestrel's founder referring to their Taurus G4 (four-seater) not currently in production.

"The car industry, with all the money it has at its disposal, and practically no weight limitation, even today isn't capable of producing an electric car that would take four passengers for 600 kilometres at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour," Pipistrel's founder, Ivo Boscarol told AFP.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk states that once batteries are capable of producing 400 Watt-hours per kilogram, with a ratio of power cell to overall mass of between 0.7-0.8, then an electrical transcontinental aircraft becomes “compelling”.

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