2015 marks the first year that Hong Kong is hosting NDEW event organised by Charged Hong Kong. Due to challenges and limitations to host a single large EV gathering in a day the local event has been designed for participant to participate at their own self-pace mode throughout the week.

Members of Charged Hong Kong and NDEW volunteers have identified task for participants to gain points when promoting the use and benefits of EV's in the city. The winners of different challenges will be given prizes from various sponsors support the week long event. Sponsors include local hotels , destination charging points, health & beauty clinic, EV manufactures as well as InsideEVs.

Because it is their planet. We're just borrowing it. (via Mark Webb-Johnson, Chairman of ChargedHongKong)

The Hong Kong event will focus on evangelising the benefits of, and driving actual experience with, Electric Vehicles. It is open to all owners of Plug-In Electric Vehicles in Hong Kong. The event will be organised as a ‘game’, with participants receiving points for undertaking categories of tasks.

  1. 5 points for joining and publicising the event
  2. 5 points for giving a Test Ride
  3. 5 points for arranging a Test Drive with an EV car dealer
  4. 5 points for using a public charging station
  5. 10 points for using destination charging facilities
  6. 15 points for attending the event conclusion gathering at Tamarind
  7. 25 points for activities leading to the finalising of the sale of an EV (nonrefundable deposit)
Socially sharing the task (facebook, twitter, Google+, etc), receives double points. To help spread awareness, we encourage all participants to post pictures, videos, and stories, of the tasks they accomplish to help, to their social media.

A maximum of 200 points can be gained, by each participant, in each category 2 through 7, over the entire event. A maximum of 10 points can be gained for category 1 (joining and publicising). Points for a particular task completed can only be allocated to one participant.

The event will run from Saturday 12th September, through Saturday 19th September midnight, with a final gathering and celebration on Sunday 20th. Prizes will be awarded to those participants with the highest number of points gained during the week.

Suresh (member of ChargedHK) takes the previous generation for a ride in the next generation transportation

How to join the event

You can join the event by either:

(a) Sharing the Charged Hong Kong Drive Electric Week event on your facebook page (see below for details), or

(b) Go to the driveelectricweek event and register as an attendee: www.driveelectricweek.org/event.php?eventid=405

To help spread the word, we recommend that you do both.

How to Get Credit

Locky (member of ChargedHK) uploaded a photo to promote charging facilites

You can get social media credit in one of four ways:

  1. Sharing the Charged Hong Kong Drive Electric Week event on your facebook. To do this, simply “Like” the Charged Hong Kong facebook page. Then go to the event page, and click ‘Invite/Share Event’. www.facebook.com/events/822418334546368/
  2. Posting a picture/description of your event directly to the @chargedhongkong page on Facebook, remembering to tag yourself so your friends can see.
  3. Using a desktop web browser (sorry, this doesn’t work on mobile clients), tag the @chargedhongkong page with any facebook posting you make about the event. We suggest that for every test ride, public charge, or other such charge, you post a picture and tag to get credit.
  4. Alternatively, you can use Twitter to post about the tasks you accomplish. Remember to include @chargedhk, to spread the word and get credit.
If you do use social media, please help by tagging the photo/story as much as you can. Tag your friends, tag the location. Every bit helps.

You can also eMail us details of what you have done, at ndew@charged.hk.

Leader Board of the top 10 participants with highest points after the second day

Kåre Lohse, is an airline pilot for a major Hong Kong airline, and he is allocating most of two weeks of his annual leave for NDEW to promote EV at his company HQ to other staff member

Got a tip for us? Email: tips@insideevs.com