Musk Says Right-Hand-Drive Tesla Model 3 Could Arrive In UK By June

MAR 16 2019 BY MARK KANE 36

Model 3 coming to UK in 3-6 months

Elon Musk, when asked about the Tesla Model 3 deliveries in the UK, answered that it might arrive by June. If not, it should happen before the end of summer, which is within three to six months.

“Might arrive by June, but def before end of summer”

The Model 3 already achieved strong sales results in the first few countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, France) that caught onto the beginning of volume deliveries in February.

This month, sales are expected to be even higher, but it’s too early to bet on whether the Model 3 will reach a five-digit result in March.

The UK, as usual, needs to wait for the cars longer, because sales for right-hand-drive markets requires adjustments at the production line. This is why at first Tesla focuses on biggest markets with minimal impact on the production line (low hanging fruits).

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I presume you mean US sales: “too early to bet on whether the Model 3 will reach a five-digit result in March.” World wide sales should be over 20k

He meant sales in Europe, which where 3,750 in February, by probably will pass 10K in March (at least based on March sales in Norway which are already 2.5X those in Feb).

Great to hear but can the RHD Model 3’s have a factory tow rating and the same grey chrome and 40/20/40 rear seats that are in the Model Y.

Seems very unlikely to me that Tesla will add a tow rating to any variant of the Model 3, given that it hasn’t received one yet. It’s now 20 months after entering production. A tow rating isn’t something likely to be added long after production starts.

I expect the Model Y to be tow-rated.

According to Franz von Holzhausen the Model Y will be tow rated and that the Model 3 would be tow rated “soon”.

It just makes a lot of sense for the 3 and the Y to be tow rated.

That would be nice

Oh no! They are delivering cars to the UK in June. That must mean they are about to go bankrupt! /s

UK should change to left-handed, considering how many people drive to Europe,it’s criminal waste not to….

drpawansharma – quote: “UK should change to left-handed, considering how many people drive to Europe,it’s criminal waste not to….”
I remember my mother saying many years ago that with hindsight it was a big pity the UK didn’t do exactly that at the end of the second world war, when it would have been quite easy. (Sweden did do it in 1967, which is what started the conversation.)

But at the time there seemed little point – no ro-ro ferries, certainly no Eurotunnel, and hardly anybody holidaying abroad, let alone with car. Additionally, just after the war, it may not have been seen as politically tactful to spend money to drive the same way as on the continent…….. And with post war reconstruction, there were so many things to spend money on.

But it would have been easy. Street signs had all been taken down, and private car ownership after the war was low. Now, it would be virtually impossible due to all the road junctions built specifically for driving on the left, which didn’t exist in 1945.

Why? The UK and ROI are Islands. Your can’t just drive to the content you must be loaded onto a ferry or train.
I had driven RHD on the content many times and it is not all that bad.

Exactly. It would make sense for the UK to switch from miles to kilometres to align itself with Ireland, with which it has a land border, and all other countries that drive on the left. Switching sides would make no sense.

It makes more sense to drive on the left as most people are right hand and right eye dominant and therefore having opposing traffic to the right of the driver is more logical than having it on the left.

Gaza- “Why? The UK and ROI are Islands. Your can’t just drive to the content you must be loaded onto a ferry or train.”
But when you get there the driving position is on the wrong (nearside), which at the very least makes overtaking much more difficult. Secondly, if you normally drive on one side, having to switch to the opposite can cause confusion and is an acknowledged factor in many accidents.

I’ve taken my car across the channel many times and survived, but it would have been a lot easier if the difference didn’t exist.

And same in reverse for everyone bringing cars over to the UK from mainland Europe.

Finally, most of the world does drive on the right. Doing likewise makes sense from a business point of view and EU manufacturing – as this point about the Tesla model 3 shows.

But it’s all academic. It can’t happen now, and when it could have nobody thought it would ever matter.

How do you drive to something that you are already in? Can I drive from California to the US?

You can until Trump builds his second wall.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

It’s short for Continental Europe. Or “the Continent”.

There is quite a number of countries with RHD like Japan Australia, , India Pakistan etc. Yes , it is a bit of a pain to put stickers on headlights when I go to France but it is not a big deal.

While we are at it , let’s suggest the US adopt the metric system. This makes a ton of sense, but I won’t be holding my breath. The world seems to be in an anti-progress mood these days

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Sure, if the rest of Europe pays for it. 😉
It’s been analyzed and found to be prohibitively expensive now.
It would have been equivalent of 3.4B pounds in 1969, but much more now.
Just signs have been estimated at 750M, and they’d have reconfigure a bunch of motorway exits, and 1 way streets.

On a slightly different note, they could switch road signs to kilometres for a cost in the 10s of millions. But, if they’re going to do that it’s probably best to wait another 20-30 years to cut down on the drivers who were imperial-educated. Short distances are in metres, and “petril” is sold in litres already.

About time. Expect sales to skyrocket in the UK precisely one year from now. In April 2020, the company car tax rules will change which will make electric cars very cheap. But in the coming year, they are not.

Just in time for Fully Charged Live at Silverstone this summer!

They are promising a Model 3 for the event! Will it be RHD or LHD? Place your bets now!

How much work would there be for RHD? Seat is pretty much easy to do. Is it drive by wire? If so, then the dash should be really easy given all that needs moving is the steering wheel. They don’t swap the charge port. The only other thing I could think of is the suspension and camber might be configured different for RHD.
Unlike the traditional cars where the whole dash needs to be mirrored, you’d think Model 3 would be the simplest RHD conversion on the planet.

You also need to mirror the headlights, wipers, pedals, window controls on the doors and possibly the charging port position. Can’t think of anything else but there are likely to be a few other changes I’ve missed.

Mirror the pedals? I hope not. I like my accelerator pedal to the right of the brake pedal, just like everyone else, thank you very much.

I do know what you mean, but I couldn’t resist the jibe.

No, not mirror the pedals, but you do need to put them in a different place. And that means your foot-wells will be different as well.

Most car companies release the RHD and LHD at about the same time.

Most companies are not new companies.

Most companies also produce EVs, whether RHD or LHD, in pitiful numbers compared with Tesla.

Just the UK?

Once they produce cars for the left side of the road they will of course produce a big batch or two which probably will be enough to ship some to Australia/New Zealand too…

Thats good news. What about in Japan which is World’s #3 market and is very important. Please launch in Japan soon after.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Japan is a tough but to crack. Large market, but the top sellers are kei cars and subcompacts.

How many countries have RHD vehicles?

The sooner Tesla can get the RHD out the better for themselves and customers.