Mitsubishi President Confirms Outlander PHEV Won’t Go On Sale in US Until 2015


Mitsubishi President Osamu Masuko has re-confirmed that the Outlander PHEV won’t launch in the US until some undisclosed time in 2015 in speaking with the Automotive News.   About 3 months ago we spoke to a Mitsubishi representative ourselves who also told us that the plug-in Outlander would not be appearing until calendar year 2015.

Outlander PHEV

Outlander PHEV

The delayed launch is due to battery shortages, explains Masuko.

In January 2013, the Outlander PHEV launched in Japan.  Since then, sales have expanded to portions of Europe, but limited battery production from supplier Lithium Energy Japan means that a US launch is out of the question for at least one more year.

Masuko says that Outlander PHEV sales now exceed 11,300 – 8,100 in Japan and 3,200 in Europe.

Currently, Mitsubishi gets 4,000 battery packs per month.  That’ll increase to 5,000 in month by April.  Those packs are used in the Outlander PHEV and most of the MiEV variants.

For most of 2014, Mitsubishi expects to be able to sell 5,000 plug-ins monthly, but that still won’t be enough to expand Outlander PHEV sales to the US.  That’ll happen in 2015 when perhaps up to 10,000 or so plug-in Mitsubishis can be sold monthly around the globe.

Source: Automotive News

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This plug in terms of sales has already blown the doors off of the Chevy Volt in terms of sales. I wounder could this be something retaliated to pricing in that only something with a cheaper price could do this?

I’d say it’s a combination of price and size.
The volt is still a car platform, and limited to 4 seats, while this is an SUV with lots of cargo space on top of seating for more.

And it sounds like their prices aren’t that far apart.

No brainer for most people looking at the two side by side, who have families.

But, availability is everything, so volt is winning right now, at least on this half of the world.

Eric, any idea if these battery shortages are a real thing or maybe something self-imposed? It sure seems like Nissan/Chevy/Tesla can get all the batteries they need. Are they using some special battery chemistry that only this supplier can provide? It just seems a little weird that they supposedly have all this demand, yet are holding back.

Tesla are having a really hard time getting their batteries and they have no reason to make some kind of delay of the EV’s like the rest of the business might have.
Panasonic are building new factories to be able to supply Tesla but Elon Musk has many time talked about the only bottle-neck that they have and it being the reason why more Model S aren’t sold and why the Model X will be delayed until 2015.

Build a Voltec crossover SUV…


First company with a PHEV mini van will rule.
30-40 miles EV should do it.
Soccer moms will jump in delight.

So true. I’m baffled as to why the big automakers aren’t focusing more on electrifying larger vehicles, were there’s room for even greater savings.