MG ZS EV To Be Launched In UK In September 2019


We are eager to see the official specs and price

MG announced at its annual dealer’s conference in Uthe K that its first all-electric car, the ZS EV, will be introduced in September 2019. Dealers also got an exclusive preview of the car, while we need to be satisfied with the image of the conventional ZE (above).

“Dealers were treated to the official unveiling of the New MG ZS EV, the iconic British brand’s first battery electric car which is set to launch in September 2019.”

The company unveiled the eZS in China in 2018 and it seems that finally, British customers will get a chance to try an affordable (hopefully) EV from China (MG is part of Chinese SAIC).

Range of the ZS EV stands at up to 286 miles (460 km) NEDC – about 220 miles (350 km) in the real world, we guess.

In 2018 MG sold over 7,000 cars in UK and is enjoying high growth rate so everyone is happy:

MG electrifies dealers at Annual Conference

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Not a hamster?

I think that may be Fuzzy Wuzzy. You know the bear that had no hair, and wasn’t very fuzzy, wus he?
Nice looking car from MG. All the best luck with it.

I know MG as a brand are still out there, because I saw one one show in a shopping mall last year (there weren’t many people stopping to look at it though). But I don’t think I’ve seen a single one actually on the roads at all since the original MG Rover company finally went bust. I’d be interested to see their sales figures because I can’t believe they’re shipping any great number of cars right now. The new owners of the brand don’t seem to have done hugely well with it.

Given all that, a new EV from them is nice, but I suspect that this article is probably the only time I’ll ever actually hear about it. 🙁

Same here in Belgium/The Netherlands, I don’t see new MG’s on the road. But if they make this car it is a decent one to buy on looks alone. If it does indeed “about 220 miles (350 km) in the real world” with CCS fast charging it is a great car.

A good range is not the only thing it needs to be a great car. It’s a good starting point, but the rest of the package needs to be good too. And they’re going to have to put in some actual effort marketing it, because right now most people still think the MG brand disappeared when it went bust in 2005.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

It’s a brand of a defunct manufacturer bought by a Chinese company.

So basically, a Chinese car with the MG logo slapped on.

The question is will it be typical Chinese quality?

Finally the Chinese are bringing EV to Europe. I thought Volvo would be the first Chinese company to start selling EV here. Best of luck to MG for a fresh EV start!