Meet The World’s Quickest Armored Car – The Tesla Model S P100D By Armormax


While this Armormax Tesla is not “faster than a speeding bullet”, it doesn’t need to be!

Armormax claims that this is the world’s quickest armored car and we’re inclined to agree.

The lightweight armoring shouldn’t slow down the mighty Tesla Model S P100D too much, so expect 0 to 60 MPH to still be in the 3-second territory.

Ballistic Glass?

As for protection, Armormax states the following as standard (but lists several optional upgrades available):

Standard Armoring Details

Entire passenger compartment armored with light synthetic fiber laminates and air hardened, heat treated ballistic alloys
Includes doors, roof, floor, pillar posts, etc. while minimizing weight added weight

Original glass replaced with layered glass, acrylic, polycarbonate laminates
Maintains the original appearance and design with superior optics

Reinforced suspension
Run-flat tires
Elitus Overlaps system
Armored battery, radiator protection, ECM and fuel tank
Operable windows available

We had hoped the video would show us the Tesla taking some rifle rounds or withstanding a blast. Unfortunately, the video reveals nothing of that sort. Actually, we can’t even see the armoring in the video or in the images from Armormax, which is a let down for sure. You’ll find some additional details at Armormax’s site here.

Pricing is by quote only.

Video description:

This latest Tesla Model S P100D was upgraded by Armormax in Utah. It can withstand rifle and bomb blasts.

Press blast from Armormax below:

Fastest bulletproof car in the world – Tesla Model S P100D just completed by Utah’s Armormax

Tesla is one of the most desirable cars in the world, and if you need to make sure that your Tesla (and your passengers) are super secure, you can looking into armoring it. Most armoring processes add thousands of pounds, but this option is only a few hundred, keeping your Tesla moving fast and efficiently. This press release comes to us from Armormax®.

International Armoring Corporation’s lightweight armoring division, Armormax®, has just armored a 2018 Tesla Model S P100D. The Tesla Model S P100D base vehicle is currently the fastest production sedan in the world – traveling from 0 – 60 mph in 2.4 seconds. Armormax® is the lightest and strongest synthetic fiber laminate armoring in the world – weighing 80% less than traditional steel armor.

The Armormax® ( armored Tesla provides protection from high powered rifles, as well as high powered handguns. With only 550 lbs of added armor weight (standard armoring companies add 3,000 pounds!), the decrease in performance is negligible. This Armormax® armored Tesla maintains its original appearance and functions.

This vehicle is the first armored Tesla Model S P100D in the world and was armored 100% using Armormax® proprietary lightweight molded armor; NO ballistic steel was used. The vehicle was ordered by a Middle Eastern businessman, and it was designed and armored in Ogden, Utah. International Armoring Corporation invites the media and other interested parties to view this recently completed armor Tesla at its manufacturing facility in Ogden, Utah.

About International Armoring Corporation (IAC): Founded in Utah in 1993 on the premise of designing the lightest most technologically advanced armored passenger vehicles. Nearly 25 years later, IAC is a world leader in the design and production of the finest armored passenger vehicles having armored over 9,000 vehicles. This includes vehicles for 45 different world heads of state, Popemobiles, tractors, Snowcats, celebrities, sports figures, Corporate CEO’s and militaries. IAC’s proprietary armoring material, Armormax®, has been certified as the lightest in the world. This is a huge advantage as it helps maintain vehicles original performance reduces service visits and increase the life of the armored vehicle.

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Because there is one thing you really want if someone is firing bullets at you.


I can see why anyone who is in the protection business will see this a good get-a-way car.

Armored fuel tank ?

Good question, since there isn’t one.


I’ll bet there is a small radiator somewhere to cool the battery coolant.

The fuel tank, listed above, is suspect…

I think it meant to say armored “battery pack”. See their website and it says 100% electric car.

What’s a radiator? I think some of their quoting is cut & paste and I also wager they did not do more than a glass replacement for this one customer.

The battery pack temperature management system has a radiator. So does the air conditioning system.

U are an embodiment of how naive Tesla fans are.

In fact, every EV has some type of radiator. Even the Nissan Leaf, which has no liquid battery cooling, has a radiator.

Hi All,
Owner of Armormax here. This is a fully armored Tesla Model S P100D (rated in our industry to a B5 protection). If you would like to see photos of the build process we can share those with you (email me Also, the article and our website have standard armoring options for a variety of vehicles, we apologize if there was any confusion over “fuel tank” or “radiator protection” as the Tesla does not have these but they are armored on other vehicles. We have equipped this Model S with rifle protection, runflats, bomb blast protection, and a variety of other features based on our clients request while keeping the original performance and feature available.

Thanks, Mark, for coming here to clear the air. Great job on the security upgrades to the vehicle. Keeping weight down and performance high was probably not the easiest thing to do.

BS! I don’t believe it, I need proof!! Show me a video of tesla vs ak-47 or its just fake news..

Think of the opportunity – how much would bro1999 pay to shoot a Tesla?

Knowing him, he would just shoot himself in the foot…

B5 protection isn’t even armor piercing rounds from assault rifles, if I’m not mistaken…that’s B6 and B7 I believe…so this is armor that wouldn’t do much good in any ghetto in America. I would never suggest anyone buy this level of armor. B6 is the minimum people should have, if they have any, in my opinion. Assault rifles and armor piercing rounds are too popular among the exact kind of hijacker or murderer who would attempt such a thing on such a car with such an owner. Think about it…those opening fire are not likely to be penny ante criminals…

Very fine . There is an increase of only 550 pounds of 280 kilogram . The article doesn’t state with level of armouring it is . Is it VR6 or VR7 ? An increase of the weight means also a better braking system and reinforced suspension components .