Look Who’s Back: Ford Gives The Focus Electric An Ad Spot! – Video

OCT 1 2015 BY JAY COLE 78

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the first day of a new quarter – filled will freshly minted press reports, monthly sales reports for the US, and a couple new ad spots for the Chevrolet Volt, we got a email from Ford’s marketing team saying that … now wait for this … wait … Ford has produced an advertising spot for the Focus Electric!

Holy cats!  How rare is that? 

It's An Ad For The Focus Electric! HuZZah!

It’s An Ad For The Focus Electric! HuZZah!

The representative even framed the ad as Ford’s “first ever Focus Electric ad”.

Of course, that isn’t quite accurate, but we appreciate their enthusiasm just the same.

This short spot ties into Ford’s new “By Design” campaign that launched today because, well – it’s the first day of a new quarter and the 2016 model year cars are just coming out.

The “By Design” campaign is actually a new program designed for only cars (somewhat of a rarity for Ford with its strong truck lineup).  As you might notice at the end of the ad, it is also “the first time that Ford has played with the iconic Ford script”.

We won’t even make an editorial comment on the ad itself, we are just pleased to see it exists!

Ford Focus Electric sales factoid:  Entering September, Ford had sold “one-hundred-and-something” Focus Electrics in 28 of the last 31 months.  Hopefully this ad gives it a little higher profile, and with that – higher sales.

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ummmm… what was he going to do on the salt flats while waiting for it to charge?

There’s a Starbucks.


They’re everywhere!

We need every EV we can get.

But Ahh Ford it looks like he’s leaving the car and walking home?????

Is there like a Stupid Ad School or something??? They seem to have graduated a record large class not to long ago???

@ older than dirt

You have to admit it’s a heck of a lot better ad’ than the 2 new Volt ad’s

No argument there 🙂 The only ad that people keep bringing up at work is the KIA Soul hamster ad and that came out how long ago??

More interesting is that Tesla’s never made an ad but people sure know about them.

I have to admit that Kia hamster ad was one of the funniest ads I’ve ever seen.

You are calling people stupid when you choose the wrong spelling of “too”? The irony is quite funny.

Too little, too late, Ford.

I remember when Ford said years ago they were ready to add fast charging on this car as soon as the SAE fast charge potocol was finalized. Well the SAE standard has been rolled out and were is the fast charging on this car? Nowhere to be seen. I would say they are trying to be losers when selling this critical featureless car, however, that is fairly clear by the low sales numbers.

They are definatley not even trying to sell this car in any volume which is just pathetic, it is a good car other than lacking fast charging. It could also use a range boost option though I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Never buy an electric car without fast charging unless you’re so old that you never drive more than a few miles or if you like to torchure yourself with endless charging inconvenience and range anxiety.

Where’s Gen 2.0???

Come on Ford.

This is a Magna designed based on the stock unit. It may be hard to get 150 mile range.

Wait, they still make these cars? Well if they seriously want to sell them they need to either drop the price again or seriously update the design/implementation.

They don’t seriously want to sell them. They have made that painfully obvious.

Ford? Meet Kodak. Kodak? Ford.

I think they really had to do something either just to sell the ones they made or to sell enough to get the carb credits..??

At least they didn’t put in fake engine noise.

Are you referring to this?


Happens to be my favorite electric car ad…

Mine to

they will have to put in a noise soon… it’s a new law. (So will Tesla and all other hybrids and EVs) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_vehicle_warning_sounds#United_States

Wait, it’s not April 1.

Oh.. So maybe Ford will sell 151 cars instead of 150 next month. Seriously, if they want to sell more Focus Electrics, they need to improve the range and add fast charging.

Only 76 miles of range, limited cargo capacity, absolutely no quick charge option available, and no significant updates. And now they advertise.

I’m actually pretty disappointed with Ford’s response to plugin demand, coming from a Ford employee family myself. I would love to drive a car with a Ford badge on the front, but they are making lousy, outdated products.

I find it really weird that Henry Ford’s wife owned an EV, and refused to drive a Model T. She hated “Explosion cars”, as they were often called, back then. One would have thought that might have left an impression on Henry and the early days of his Company. Guess not.

And now, Ford won’t do anything serious with a BEV, other than make minimal compliance appliances just for CARB Credits.


Henry Ford considered building an electric car in conjunction with Edison in the early teens, in fact it was even announced. But batteries just weren’t up to the job of being anything other than a city car, and it was rural areas that really benefitted from the Model T even with the lousy contemporary roads. Then WW1 started and the western allies were ordering every ICE truck they could get from Ford, and a combination of that plus Ford’s evaluation that the BEV just wasn’t capable of being a mass-market vehicle at the time seems to have ended the idea. As the exisiting EV manufacturers were all struggling to stay in existence by then with far smaller sales compared to ICEs, he was undoubtedly right.

No, Edison’s NI-FE batteries gave some luxury EVS more than 100 miles range, recharge: 5 hours, lifespan 30 years.
A fire destroyed more than 100,000 batteries built for Ford on Dec. 9 1914. A scheme for killing the will of developing EVs plotted by Ford and his good friend and funder Rockefeller, mister Oil MONOPOLY.

It’s my personal conclusion after reading a lot on this Era, but I agree with you that ICE had been more convenient in WW1 because the recharging infrastructure was in existent and vehicles were lighter.
Officially, John D. Rockefeller funded Ford for it’s appeal on the Selden patent, 11 years, a time frame matching the R&D efforts to develop the cheapest ICE only car.

Okay, so I blame HITLER for killing EVs. 😉

Nice try, but Hitler was WWII…


It was probably when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor that it all went bad… 🙂


Or when the Heisenberg blew up. 🙂

While it could be viewed as a compliance car to my knowledge the FFE is available in all 50 states and Canada. There are not many around but should you want one you could theoretically order one in any state.

You might note that Ford has sold more PEVs in the U.S. this year than anyone other than Tesla and maybe Nissan (depending on tomorrow’s sales figures), which isn’t too shabby given zero advertising. The PHEVs, especially the Fusion, are common around here (S.F. Bay Area), and the Focus is an occasional sighting. In fact, during a two hour evening rush hour count I did last Friday, out of 91 PEVs sighted Fords totaled 24 (14 Fusion, 7 C-Max, 3 FFE), the largest number by any manufacturer and also the largest number of PHEVs by manufacturer.
There were also 18 Volts and 16 PiPs, so they still exceed the Fords for a single model, but the Fusion and C-Max are the same powertrains with different bodies (like we all wish GM would do and build a Voltec-powered CUV to go with the Volt), so I consider them variations on a theme.

Hybrids don’t count, don’t pass GO, don’t collect 200$, GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL.

He did say PHEV, so he wasn’t counting hybrids.

Right, jsut counting PEVs. FWIW, although I’ve never bothered to do a count, I estimate the ratio of Fusions I see around here with ICE/HEV/PHEV powertrains runs something like 5:3:1.

The CMAX is meh. The Fusion is OK though. They really need to stick a bigger battery in there though. :-/

In a redesigned version. Make the battery any bigger in the current Fusion and the trunk would be completely gone.

They’d sell more if they’d ever UPDATE their CARS!

I agree about being disappointed with Ford’s efforts to date, but I admit I kind of like the ad. It’s short so it will be cheap to air. It’s showing an electric car as being fun to drive and not just for old stodgy greenies like me. 😉 The Chademo charging has been hacked into a Focus and Ford has shown an FFE with a CCS port, so there’s hope on the high speed charging front.

totally agree.
It’s a decent add. Maybe GM could study it and use it to improve theirs :]

I like it too! The short 15-second ad effectively captures the spirit of a FFE, at least from my perspective. But I may be biased, been driving one for 32 months and am planning to replace it when the lease is up with a 2015 or 2016 FFE.

The FFE batteries should last 20 years at 80% or more capacity. How far do you really drive in a day? Mine goes 100 miles because I drive smart. The batteries are 3 years old and still at 100% capacity.

The Ford Focus ev, wandering in the desert, far from the promised land, ‘boundless and bare the lone and level sands stretch far away.’ Shelley

I assumed they stopped making the FFE.

LOL. Have they upgraded at all? DC-fast-charging? Bigger battery?

Well, at least they fixed the problem where it would stop running in the middle of the road.

They will be. Production is stopping at Michigan Assembly in 2018 while they retool for the Ranger. C-Max and Focus will be moved to Hermosillo along with the Fusion which is already there.

I’m expecting a facelifted C-Max Energi with improved range in late 2016 as a 2017 model year, then the battery will carry over into an all-new C-Max as a 2019 model year.

This is pure speculation on my part- but Ford has battery assembly and supplier network in Ypsilanti, near Wayne which is where Michigan Assembly is. If Ford is moving small truck assembly to those areas, it’s possible Ford may be preparing drop a bombshell on the EV world by releasing a hybrid or plugin hybrid Ranger. How sweet would that be?


That would be fantastic.

“We won’t even make an editorial comment on the ad itself, we are just pleased to see it exists!”

LOL. So true. I guess when you set the bar so low or when there is no bar at all, you will take anything you get…


I’m a pretty big Focus Electric fan, it being my first highway capable EV, but I have to say that is a lame ad.

It tells you nothing about why you might want the car, even though the list of reasons the Focus Electric is desireable is very long. I guess Ford is afraid to tell people how good it is.

I agree. Playing with the cliché of a vehicle skidding around on salt flats and evoking memories of the 2001 monolith is cute… but having the guy plug in and walk off towards death in the desert while a voice says “Charged up. By design.” is just stupidly meaningless. At least it has the name of the car in there… =b

What’s it like to drive?
What’s your reliability experience?


Reliability has been good. A few things that were fixed under warranty:

Software update (stop driving now error, only in parking lots, field reset temp fix).

Window crank adjustment (software reset)

It’s not a sports car but has plenty of power. A bit of front wheel drive torque steer but nothing problematic.

Grabby brakes, but you adjust your technique within a few days of driving (soft touch initially)

Rear seats flip down. I’ve never had a problem with cargo space. Hauled plenty of stuff. I don’t have (small) kids though.

Smart phone software is unbelievably clunky, a really unfortunate “upgrade” from the original. Ford needs to get serious about their software.

Only serious limitation is lack of fast DC charging (even though I would rarely use it – when you need it, you need it).

Now that Nissan leaf has 107 miles, Ford need to match it or they will have to further discount the FFE – which at this point, given its trim level, is one of the best automotive bargains out there.

I in the process of returning from a trip to Breckenridge, CO from Fort Worth, TX in a 2013 FFE. I started the trip a little over a week ago. I’ve traveled about 1,600 miles and made over 30 charging stops. It took me twice as long to get to Colorado as I thought it would and I left early so I would have plenty of time to get back. The FFE does have it’s limitations but it’s still a great car. The biggest problems I had was not the limitations of the FFE but the complete lack of charging infrastructure in rural America. I had to carry my home charger and charge at RV parks and camp grounds most of the way. Even a lot of the bigger cities like Amarillo were void of commercial public charging stations. A lot of the people I ran into didn’t even know Ford made electric cars and some were very resistant even to the idea of electric cars. Any electric car is no better than the charging infrastructure that supports it and right now the charging infrastructure for all electric cars except maybe for Teslas is pathetic. Added range would have helped… Read more »

Holy smokes. Such a long trip with a 76 mile range EV with no fast-charging? You are crazy.

I don’t go on 120 mile trips with my 83 mile EV.

All EVs really need DC-fastcharging.

Wow what an ordeal ! Looks like the whole journey was spent trying to find and wait out the next charge. If you had a Fusion or C-Max Energi you could have made it in 2 or 3 quick stops and enjoyed the destination.

I also have a 2015 Fusion Energi Titanium that my wife drives. The trip was about living an all electric experience and reveling the weaknesses and possibilities of the EV traveling so I chose to take my 2013 Focus Electric. There were challenges on my trip but there were many rewards. It really made me feel good to see the massive wind turbine farms in the Texas panhandle and to think those were powering my car. I have been making the trip between Texas and Colorado at least once and sometimes several times a year for the last forty years. I never want to make the trip in a smoker again but we need a much better charging insrastructure. I hope the electric vehicle manufacturers and infrastructure providers get this message.


I’d love to hear more about your trip. chris@ or see contact page on my web site.

I have driven just about all of the EVes out there and the FFE is one of the most luxurious feature laden ones out there, Also one of the fastest L2 charging EVs out there. The other week I drove down the PCH to Santa Monica, Did 50 miles on exactly 50% charge.

“one of the fastest L2 charging EVs out there”

Is this true? With their 6.0kW charger and middle-of-the-pack efficiency, it seems like it would be similar in charge rate to a 2015 Leaf (with the upgraded charger – which most have). I have to believe that it is noticeably slower than an i3 or an eGolf in terms of miles added per hour. Both of those cars have a 7kW charger, and they are both more efficient.

Ford still does not offer a heat-pump, little trunk space, and no fast charging means a Leaf is the better option. The only perks are the looks and liquid cooled and heated battery pack.

Give me a break. The Focus is more powerful, sportier and has an excellent standard technology package. The Leafs I’ve seen have no more cargo space than my Focus. The only real advantages I see in the Leaf is that it has fast charging capabilities and that it comes in several trim levels. If Ford had given the Focus fast charging capabilities and tried to really sell it instead of just offer as a compliance car then the Focus would have been a real competitor for the Leaf.

I’m not sure what Leafs you have seen, but I hereby challenge you to a packing contest between a 2015 Leaf and a 2015 Focus EV. I will bet you any amount that I can fit more in the 24 ft^3 trunk of the Leaf than you can in the 14.5 ft^3 trunk of the Focus.

The rest of your comment I agree with.

There is a large beam between the rear wheels of the Leaf that creates a hole in the cargo space behind the rear wheels. Also the rear seats sit high when folded down. The Focus seat sit much lower with the seat bottoms folded forward and the whole cargo space looks a lot more cargo ready, if that makes any sense. I’m not sure about cubic feet but the Focus cargo space just looks more functional.

If I understand correctly, the “beam” you are referring to was only in 2011/2012 Leafs. It contained the charger, among other things. The charger was integrated under the hood in 2013 and beyond.

As for seats folded down – that matters a lot to some and not at all to others. When I need to haul stuff, I almost always also need full use of the back seat. If that isn’t the case for you, then the equation changes.

But the Focus EV is so much nicer inside than a Leaf. My Focus lease is about to end and I’m dreading the inevitable Leaf purchase.

The Leaf feels sooo cheap. A top spec Focus really handles and “feels” like an expensive car.

I thought I would provide a little more clarity on the cargo space of the Focus. One of the two batteries is in the trunk space but the Focus Electric is a hatchback. The rear seat bottom folds forward before the seat back folds down making a large usable cargo space. Also there is a very functional standard cargo organizer behind the battery. Theses are things you don’t notice at the car shows and only figure out after you’ve driven the car for a while.

Totally agree with you, Dan. Gotta live it to love it. I’ve had no problem fitting stuff in my FFE that one could reasonably expect to take in a compact-class sedan. In fact, it’s got more space back there than a Civic or 3-series sedan, and the hard shell cargo cover looks a lot more upscale than the cheesecloth-on-elastic net comes with other cars like the Volt (or even the Corvette). Some cars come with nothing at all.

For those that continue to suffer from “trunk anxiety” – here’s a link to a cargo space comparison I put together recently. Maybe this will help… or not…


It’s about time we heard some tire squeal from an EV in an ad. I’ve always thought EV commercials should have cars sliding sideways over wet pavement and thumping music, just like any other car.

Lots of tire squeal from my FFE. Only got 15k out of the front tires 😉

Lots of fun; Would be even better if Ford hadn’t detuned the hell out of the bottom end..

I know what you mean about the bottom end. When I drove one, I noticed it felt much slower than my Leaf at maybe 0-20. But right when the Leaf is starting to run out of steam (at about 40MPH thanks to a lower power motor), the FFE just keeps going.

My impression overall is that it is a much more refined vehicle than the Leaf. It is missing the low-end punch that most EVs have. But it has good power at higher speeds. It would liken it to driving a 5-speed in 3rd gear, where the Leaf is more like 2nd.

Yes, that is one of the things I hate the most on my FFE. 0-15mph it is very choked down in acceleration. The LEAF is rabbit quick in comparison. But from 30mph on up, where the LEAF is comparatively slow, the Focus has good punch. So much that in 0-60 runs, the Focus has already caught the LEAF in the time it takes to accelerate to 60mph. Too bad they didn’t have a “sport” mode, or some kind of hack to release the power more violently like the LEAF. The i3 is the same way. Slam the throttle from a stand still or very slow speeds, and the response is so muted compared to the 2012 LEAF.

I have both the Focus and the LEAF. Yes, the biggest thing the Focus lacks is DCQC. But on Level 2 it is one of the fastest. From the 2015 EPA chart, they list the following L2 charge times:

3.5 hours Focus EV
4 hours BMW i3
4 hours Kia Soul
4 hours E Golf
5 hours Nissan Leaf
6 hours Smart EV
7 hours Chevy Spark

The Focus is pretty luxurious.
Leather seats, customizable interior lighting color options, 5 level heated seats, Xenon headlights, entry curb, lighting, comfort access, dual zone A/C system, very advanced voice command/infotainment/navigation system. Dual configurable displays on either side of steering wheel which allows you to control much of the touch control panel functions though your steering wheel button. Etc.

The LEAF does have the heated steering wheel, LED headlights,rear heated seats, more interior room, and less torque steer though. But overall, the Focus is tops is luxury and interior/dash technology. Its amazing people aren’t jumping all over these.

However, when I went to the local Ford dealership, they didn’t even have one single FFE in stock.

Forgot to mention power driver’s seat also. Which is pretty rare in this EV category.

Noticed the guy was NOT plugging in to a DCFC. When is Ford going to get with it?

Ok I lease a FFE. I LOVE the car. I, however drive less than 40 miles a day. It is very fast. It is loaded. It has trip information and range warnings and had an app with lots of remote functions “out of the box” Yup, needs fast charging. Needs more range for sure.Looks like a premium car. It’s a Great car. How many haters commenting are actual ev drivers?

Where is the Electric Fusion? By now, Ford can increase its battery size, eliminate the gas engine and make it a BEV sedan with over 100 miles of EV range. And in the same subject, the Explorer and Edge both can become electric SUVs.

The FFE add was on Saturday Night Live last week coupled with a Fusion add.

What was it, about four years ago? Ford came out with six electric vehicle offerings; Focus Electric, Transit Electric, Fusion Hybrid, Fusion Energi, C-Max Hybrid and C-Max Energi. I was very impressed at the time that any auto manufacturer had six electric vehicle offerings. I actually ended up buying two of the offerings; a Focus Electric and a Fusion Energi. Now the Ford electric vehicle offerings seem dated and obsolete. What a difference a few years make. I firmly believe Ford will come with new electric vehicle offerings. that will make us all say wow again. I hope Ford doesn’t wait too long and I hope I’m in a position to buy one when the next generation of electric vehicles coming out.

I just noticed that there are a lot more new FFEs for sale right now. There is a lot more inventory than I’ve ever seen before especially here in Texas. It looks like Ford is getting a little more serious about selling EVs. That’s great news for new FFE buyers but bad news for existing owners because it’s driving used FFE prices down. I guess Ford is increasing inventory right now because it expects a lot of people to take advantage of the $7500 tax credit. It will be interesting to see FFE sales over the next two months. The Spark EV inventory is much lower than the FFE right now. I expect the FFE to outsell the SparkEV by a wide margin through the end of the year.