Lexus Trademark Filing Seems To Hint At Fully Electric Car


A recent trademark filing may point to an upcoming, all-electric Lexus UX300e.

Toyota continues to assert that its dealer don’t see a need for a battery-electric car and its customers don’t seem interested either. However, its luxury marque — Lexus — has been hinting at moving forward in the segment. Toyota has been clear for a long time that it’s not pushing for an all-electric vehicle. However, releasing one with the Lexus moniker, which may appeal to luxury-oriented electric car adopters, may happen sooner rather than later. Now, according to AutoGuide, a trademark strengthens this case.

If you follow the segment, you’re likely aware that Lexus has also gone round and round when it comes to the future of EVs. Its CEO has talked several times about his anti-EV case. More recently, the luxury automaker launched an ad campaign that clearly attempts to discount cars with a plug.

Nonetheless, a trademark filed with the European Intellectual Property Office could mean the progress is imminent. The trademark applies to a Lexus vehicle coined the UX300e. Based on Lexus’ naming traditions, the “e” at the end of the name likely suggests an all-electric offering. We know that the automaker puts an “h” at the end of its gas-powered model names to signify “hybrid.”

For those unfamiliar with the Lexus product line, the “X” signifies “crossover.” In terms of the UX, it’s the brand’s all-new entry-level 2019 subcompact crossover. As AutoGuide points out, sometimes companies simply file a trademark application to secure the name, so that others won’t take it. But, a name like the UX300e is not likely to be used by any other automaker.

Lexus showed off its LF-1 Limitless concept (pictured above) at Detroit’s NAIAS in 2018. It’s a smaller SUV that was said to potentially offer multiple powertrain options, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel-cell, and all-electric possibilities. But, there’s no way to know if that concept is what’s to become the UX300e.

Hopefully, we’ll have more information following one of the upcoming auto shows. Keep in mind, however, that Lexus may only sell its first all-electric vehicle in Europe and Asia, at least initially.

Source: AutoGuide

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I hope the japanese car makers wake up soon. I currently drive a Honda, and have mostly driven hondas and toyotas because nothing else compares in reliability. But my next car will be an EV and right now they have nothing to offer.

That’s exactly where my wife and I were before I got my first EV. I desperately wanted to get a Fit EV, but Honda and local dealers were useless. If Honda pulls its head out of the sand and releases a 200+ mile Clarity EV or Toyota releases a Prius EV, then they might get us back in the fold. Right now, the most likely next car for me is a Soul EV or a Kona EV.

I was seriously considering the Clarity PHEV. but decided want to go full BEV. I need a minimum of 200 miles to deal with winter range loss. 250 would be better.

Same here. I inherited a Honda Accord when my father died, and it was 25 years old when I finally got rid of it. (By which time it was admittedly a 2nd car in the household.) Since then several other Hondas, and they’d normally be the first I’d look at.

I’m intending to hold on to the cars we’ve got at the moment to see what happens, but am pretty sure the next car I buy will be battery electric. If Honda have something suitable by then, great, but if not…….

The sky is actually falling in this case for sales of legacy luxury vehicles. Time to wake up, Lexus, Toyota, or just roll over and tap the snooze button like you have been doing for the past years.

I’ll believe it when I see it but Lexus sedans are getting their ass kicked by Tesla just as much as the Germans so maybe they will get there although probably a day(s) late and a Darrel short!

Is it really Tesla or are their SUV lines growing?

Those ugly grills on Lexus and Toyota are growing bigger and bigger!

Doubtful. Toyota Prius AWD-e is an ordinary hybrid, so I wouldn’t read too much into an “e” meaning much. I’d put my money on it signaling a Plugin-Hybrid.

Agree Iā€™d say the Prius prime plug in Powertrain would go into a UX nicely

The electric UX and CH-R are definitely in the making, but I’m not sure this nomenclature relates to it. And if they make it to North America at all, it will be last in line. A RAV4 or NX sized vehicle would be better suited for that market anyway.

The UX is a compact, not subcompact. Please stop using the weird US DOT size definitions.
No car 4.50m long is a subcompact. That name refers to vehicles like the VW e-Up, Smart, Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit/Jazz — all of whom are 4m or less long, and almost none of which are sold in the US.

The UX is at the upper end of compact cars, like the Mazda 3, and a bit under the Tesla Model 3 which is a midsize.

Smart, Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris sedan, Yaris Liftback and Prius C are sold in the US.

It is just that sales are low and so few of them are on streets, you may get impression that they do not exist at all šŸ˜‰

That hood is too big to be a bev.

Wow, when it turns out they’re licensing the old BMW eta engine technology — also sold with an “e” suffix — everyone here is going to feel reeeeeeally dumb.

BMW X5 40e is a plugin hybrid ,not all electric

I would avoid any electric car from toyota or honda. They are hit badly by the EV transition and are desperate to prove these cars are not good and will implant many setbacks and compromises in their electric models, obvious and not so obvious. There are so many examples of their ill behavior, from honda clarity electric with laughable range, to the desperate anti-BEV ads by toyota all over the place. Go buy from other manufacturers.

Yeah but typically, doesn’t the number represent engine size? 300 = 3 liter displacement ICE?