Launch Of Rivian Electric Truck Draws Near, 3-Row SUV To Follow

AUG 21 2018 BY MARK KANE 39

Rivian is expected to unveil two cars at the Los Angeles Auto Show

Rivian Automotive, a startup founded in 2009, is finally going to exit stealth mode and show its cars.

The company is developing a single platform for many models and the first two are a five-passenger pickup truck scheduled for 2020, and a 7-seat, three-row SUV that will come afterward.

Both of those cars will be premium products with prices between $50,000 to $100,000, with long-range of up to 450 miles (724 km) and strong performance like 0-60 mph in three seconds. Off-road capabilities are promised to exceed Jeep and Land Rover.

The platform under development by Rivian is envisioned to handle more models (also for external manufacturers).

The company hopes to produce 50,000 cars annually at the plant it acquired from Mitsubishi in Normal, IL. Initial venture capital has been provided by way of financing of $500 million.


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Thumbs up to Rivian, I hope these guys are successful!

I’m anxiously awaiting the reveal as this is the BEV truck closest to reality.
I hope “Flexible platform” includes stretching because that’s quite short for a pickup truck. It’s got me worried that this will only be a Honda Ridgeline type vehicle. I need the box to be long enough to carry an ATV.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I know right!

Doesn’t mention it but hope it’s 4×4.

Not too interested in the range or it’s 0-60. Just give me 280-300 AER and 6.5 sec 0-60 and I’m good.

Two words Foldup Trailer. That is all.

I wish I could post a picture from last weekend – my F150 parked in front of Cabellas with my wife’s ATV in the bed and my boat on the hitch. The way a pickup should be used.
Then we wouldn’t get comments about folding trailers.

Those flimsy trailers are scary at highway speeds.
I own one, but only use it for in town trips to the garden center for mulch.

Agreed. Needs a 6.5′ bed and proper 4×4 (preferably with better wading capacity than the current crop of full size domestics). It’s going to be way out of my price range for a few years though, even if it fits the bill.

Expect a Ridgeline like vehicle with a short box, if it’s anything else then be impressed IMO.

Good to see the potential for some decent range on the thing though, especially important in winter.

450 miles is hard to believe. That’s about 180kWh need at Model X efficiency.

Compared to a Model X 100D:
724km/495km*100KWh = 146KWh
But it wont get Model X efficiency so it will likely need a 200KWh pack. Plenty of room in the chassis. Price is the only question – probably start about $80K USD with that range.

All these auto manufacturers announcing EV’s with large range, while doing nothing to increase battery manufacturing capacity, are so full of shiz. Gonna need a few more giga-factories, at least.

Not if they are only selling a few thousand per year

Right. Don’t expect Rivian to make its first vehicle a pickup that sells 100,000 a year, or even 30,000 a year.

Let’s remember that Tesla’s first car, the 2008 Roadster, sold only about 2450 units, and it took them about 3 years to do that.

I would guess that when Rivian starts producing cars (assuming it does), it will be in the volume range of Bollinger or Workhorse, rather than Tesla or a more established auto maker.

…or a really good battery partner.

good battery AND ideally super charger.

“450 miles is hard to believe.”

Yes… but it says “up to 450”, which isn’t at all the same as saying it will get an EPA range rating of 450 miles. GM said “up to 50 miles” of EV range for the 2011 Volt, but the EPA rated it at 35 miles. Similarly, Nissan touted the 2011 Leaf as a “100 mile” EV, and Tesla touted the 2012 Model S 85 as a “300 mile EV”.

All of those claims were significantly inflated compared to the average real-world range. Hate to say it, but Rivian is just following the trend.

Lets hope it’s still 350+ miles EPA even if overinflated.

I haven’t verified this; but someone else mentioned that the Model S 85 was originally touted as 300 miles range, because that’s what it actually got before EPA changed their cycle?…

Can’t wait for the Rivian pickup vs GMC Sierra Denali drag races on YouTube.

You mean Ford Raptor?

A Raptor vs. a Rivian EV truck, is the U Tube Video match up race, that will get by far the most views.

2020 should be an interesting year for the hardcore off-road racing 4×4 EV crowd.

If the specs of the Rivian are accurate, sounds like it may be an extinction event for the Raptor..

LOL…Deja vu for the Raptor.
On a more serious note, the Raptor has nothing to worry about for a good few years.

Yeah, just my lame humor.

Electric F-150 with 120 kWh battery, or GFY.

“GFY”, is that where Ford will build their upcoming F-150 (120kWh) EV, in a massive Gigga Factory Yurt?😂

This New Tent (sprung structure) EV production, is now really going to a whole new level!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Wishing these folks all the luck!

Come on, do it!!

Glad to see Rivian finally start to emerge from stealth mode. I hope that will put an end to accusations that it’s just an investment scam! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the success of this company. Faraday Future, Nikola and some other startups — perhaps including Lucid — have talked big but put nothing into production. Looks to me like Rivian is the opposite; not talking much, but actually making progress towards actually producing a street-legal, highway-capable EV! From the outside at least, it looks like this is the way an automotive startup should be run.

Go Rivian!

Wow, that slide looks nothing like the Faraday Future Variable Platform Architecture:

Yeah, totally unrelated. Faraday used orange batteries in their presentation, not dark gray.

I wonder if a few engineers wandered over from FF.

Or maybe they look similar for the same reason a dolphin, which is a mammal, has a shape quite similar to a fish. Form follows function.

And I doubt a company like Rivian, which has built itself up quietly over the past several years from little more than a garage company, needs any engineering help from an all-hat-and-no-cattle sham company like Faraday Future.

The Faraday Future sham, may have a little lamb.

Like I said, orange, not dark gray. I do wonder about patents, however.

This is probably the first real alternative to Tesla. The biggest issue for them is lack of Super Charger, though I hope that they will cut a deal with Tesla.
If they do that, We will see Ford, GM, Dodge, etc take MAJOR hits on their truck sales.

Could be good timing with Electrify America. They are at about 10 sites now with a plan for coverage comparable to Telsa’s and a legal requirement to implement it.
Supercharger access would be good too but with the volume of Model 3s going out, the vehicle to supercharger ratio might become an issue.
The bigger issue I see is the configuration of the charger stalls. They don’t accommodate trailers 🙁

How much would it cost for a factory that produces 20,000+ pickups a week? (Around 60,000 F/S Pickups are produced every week currently).

Vehicles aren’t like phones, you can’t start producing hundreds of thousands of vehicles overnight.

Perhaps if the established players don’t have EV pickups in 10 years then they may start losing a painful proportion of their sales, but never going to happen before then.

Honestly, as much as I want an EV pickup I honestly don’t see an EV pickup being anything more than a small volume curiosity until at least 2023. Probably only becoming mainstream when one of the established manufacturers starts making one in big enough volumes to sell to fleets (so several thousand a week minimum).

How much would such a factory cost? Several billions. But if they see good sales of their initial production, I suspect they should be able to raise that kind of money — just like Tesla…

Of course, it will still take years to ramp up to such volumes.

Yep, time. The biggest “problem” for all these small companies. It takes years to plan, finance and build capacity, much more so than the large established players.

Nevermind ATVs, and boats in front of Cabela’s. Give me mini doors behind for jackets and stuff and give me a full 8′ bed with a ton capacity so I can use it as a work vehicle. Make sure it functions fully through a New England winter so I can carry a stupid amount of stock while pulling my tool trailer through an ungraded job site and put some protection on that cool looking nose.