Jaguar I-Pace Wins European Car Of The Year


Double winner. I-Pace scores two awards in one day.

The Jaguar I-Pace has won the 2019 European Car of the Year award at the Geneva Motor Show, marking the British automaker’s first trophy for the honor. The brand’s electric crossover actually tied with the Alpine A110 with each of them receiving 250 points. The Jag earned the overall victory because more voters put it at the top of their list than the Alpine. The Kia Ceed and Ford Focus took third and fourth place with 247 and 235 points, respectively.

“For our first electric vehicle to also be the first Jaguar to win European Car of the Year gives us a huge sense of pride,” Jaguar CEO Ralf Speth said about the honor.

Being European Car of the Year might not be the I-Pace’s last trophy for the year because it’s also among the finalists to be World Car of the Year. The electric crossover was also up for the North American Utility of the Year honor, but the Jag lost to the Hyundai Kona and Kona EV. However, the EV scored 55 awards from around the world since its launch, including taking UK Car Of The Year.

The I-Pace is Jaguar’s entry into the burgeoning premium electric crossover segment against vehicles like the Tesla Model X and forthcoming Audi E-Tron. Power comes from two electric motors – one on each axle – making a total of 394 horsepower (294 kilowatts) and 512 pound-feet (694 Newton-meters) of torque. The EV can hit 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in 4.5 seconds, and the 90-kilowatt-hour battery provides an EPA-estimated 234-mile (377-kilometer) range.

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I think that the sales of ev gives another ckearly winner

The ice pace is pure crap

So is your spelling.

He spells like a Bolt driver. Haha.

This is wonderful! Congrats Jaguar!

Now please upgrade the 3.6Kw charger in the car so that we can charge with at least 11Kw or 22Kw – 3 phase in Europe….

Charging a battery like this overnight at home is just too slow… Pretty please!!

Their website says 7kW, single phase.

WTH are you talking about it’s 7.2kW built-in charger.

True, it can do 7.2Kw, but due to the fact that in most of Europe, you can’t pull more than 230V, 16A = 3.6Kw from a single phase. Jaguar want to pull 32A on a single phase, which you are not allowed to install electrically. Jaguar knows this. Discussed it extensively with them.

I’d assume their home market is the UK, and 32 amperes single-phase is fine there. And of course fine for North America.

I bet in larger homes in Continental Europe with the more stout electrical services, that people cheat a bit.

Being the first for Jaguar should tell the company to get with electric car lineup asap

Nice job, Jaguar!

Jaguar needs to work on efficiency of the car. A more aerodynamic grill and an economy wheel option can make a big difference.

Yes. But you know what? We were able to go from Los Angeles to Palm Springs and back in ECO mode without stopping for recharging. So there is that.

Yes, I am confused about its range, some claim they get better real world range than Tesla, but some tests show much lower range. I have seen tests both ways. But the consensus is that it is less efficient than Model X. It is somehow expected due to aerodynamics (Tesla has much lower cd), but there are other factors, probably wheel/tire choice which is selected for better handling.

To be honest, you can’t go wrong with either the Model X or the i-Pace. They are somewhat different cars. If you know how speed and climate impact range, neither of those cars is dramatically off from their EPA ratings.

Usually, the tests giving poor scores to the i-Pace are either driving at 80 or are driving on a really hot or cold day. The EPA numbers are usually spot on when driving at 65mph at 70 degrees. Both the Tesla and the i-Pace and pretty much any other vehicle on the road today consumes exponentially more energy at higher speeds, and all EVs need to use up energy to heat/cool the car.

Benjamin overall – would you mind critiquing the plus and minuses of the car – you’re one of the few people here who is experienced with the vehicle. Thanks.

Sad for Alpine A110, maybe the last chance to win for a combustion charismatic car. It could had been a nice goodbye for the petrol cars, a sportive, light and very fun to drive car signing the end of an era.

Anyway the i-Pace is a nice car and deserves the prize.

Is that a joke?

They did real good, considering it’s basically a compliance car on a “non dedicated” ICE platform .. 🙂