Jaguar I-PACE To Launch On March 1, 45-Minute 80% Charging Confirmed – Winter Test Video

JAN 31 2018 BY MARK KANE 47

Jaguar released a new video featuring extreme winter tests of its I-PACE electric SUV at the Jaguar Land Rover’s Ice Academy in Sweden.

Jaguar I-PACE Winter testing – Ice Academy in Sweden

The I-PACE was earlier tested in temperatures as low as -40°C.

The all-wheel drive powertrain is ready for the winter conditions. Inside, the car will be equipped with cabin temperature pre-conditioning

“Customers will be able to use mains power to prepare the car’s battery and cabin temperature ahead of a journey. Pre-conditioning the car ensures maximum range, performance and comfort whether temperatures are freezing cold or extremely hot. Setting up preferred charging times and pre-conditioning schedules can be done from either the on-board InControl system, or the Remote smartphone APP, and is as easy as setting an alarm.”

The Jaguar I-PACE will go on sale on March 1, 2018 (pricing announcement and order books open that day), while the motor show premier is scheduled for Geneva on March 6.

“The Jaguar I-PACE was recently voted by readers of What Car? magazine as the most anticipated new car of 2018, securing six times the votes of any other model on the shortlist, which includes the likes Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Audi.”

Jaguar I-PACE Winter testing – Ice Academy in Sweden

The big news is that Jaguar confirmed 0-80% charging at 100 kW in under 45-minutes. Previous estimates for the concept was 90-minutes.

“Jaguar’s all-electric I-PACE will deliver both rapid charging and rapid performance when it goes on sale on 1 March. Capable of charging in 45 minutes* and with sports car performance and SUV practicality, the I-PACE will be the perfect every day car – whether on the school run, daily commute or even coping with sub-zero temperatures.

Rigorously tested across extremes of terrain and temperature, the I-PACE has tamed the Arctic at Jaguar Land Rover’s cold weather test facility in Arjeplog, Sweden, at temperatures as low as -40°C.

Tony Westerlund, a potential customer from Sweden, had some interesting questions on living with I-PACE in Arctic conditions, particularly regarding stability and traction on the ice and snow. To answer his questions, Jaguar engineers invited him to Arjeplog to drive the car for the first time and see how it’s been tested to ensure performance in extreme conditions.”

Ian Hoban, Jaguar Vehicle Line Director said:

“Not only will the I-PACE charge quickly enough for our customers to carry out their everyday lives, it will offer powerful and precise performance in a variety of conditions and climactic extremes. Allied with the versatile credentials of our celebrated PACE family, this will be an electric performance SUV like no other.”

Jaguar I-PACE Winter testing – Ice Academy in Sweden

Jaguar I-PACE Winter testing – Ice Academy in Sweden

Jaguar I-PACE Winter testing – Ice Academy in Sweden

Jaguar I-PACE Winter testing – Ice Academy in Sweden

Jaguar I-PACE Winter testing – Ice Academy in Sweden

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Supercharger access ? 100kW, mhmmmmm

Any word on first deliveries after orders open in March ?

Exciting times

Why would you need access to a proprietary standard?

In Europe and the northeastern US (I’m more familiar with those regions), DCFC coverage is far denser than Tesla.

105 CCS/SAE charging locations between Baltimore and New York, only 25 supercharger locations.

That’s great penetration, and you’re more likely to find a CCS station nearer to you than a Supercharger station especially off of the main highways.

However, many of the CCS / SAE charging locations have only 1 or 2 charging plugs for CCS, and probably all are 50 kW or less.

Almost all of the Tesla charging locations are 8 or more charging plugs and are 120 kW+.

The CCS networks will need significant upgrades both in charger count and power to handle the cars coming out this year (Niro, I-Pace, LEAF e-Plus, Kona, Ioniq battery upgrade).

I’m also willing to bet that a significant number of those CCS/SAE plugs will be blocked or otherwise out of service.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

…..and only one plug, ~IF~ it’s even working…

Most likely filled with free charging Nissan LEAF’s.

Almost a guarantee CCS in US are 50kW and remain that way for quite a while. That means iPACE will need 90 minutes to 80%.

With fewer “handles” per location, one is far more likely to wait even if charging isn’t free. But with free charging Leaf and slow big battery Bolt, they will end up waiting 30 minutes (or more!) before even getting to plug in.

And while you’re waiting for another car to finish charging, you’d better stay in the car. If you go off shopping or whatever, another EV will take your spot in line, thus having to wait yet another 30+ minutes.

“quite a while”

Could be. 150 kW will start to roll out this year via electrify America.

For anyone planning to have the car several years its ability to use higher powered chargers is relevant.

There are 9 supercharger locations in Maryland and 22 supercharger locations in New York, not to mention many, many more destination and urban chargers from Tesla.

The supercharger stalls alone number at about 268 in those 2 states.

There are zero CCS fast charge stations in Rochester, New York. Between Richmond, Virginia, and Rochester, there are huge gaps requiring using ridiculously slow 3.5-7.5 kW charging at parking lots and RV parks. compare that to Tesla Supercharger stations, with 6-8 chargers, at 100-120 mile intervals the whole way.

Well you aren’t going to do 0% to 80% on a 90 kWh in 45 minutes using a 50 KW CCS charger.

It is going to require 150 KW CCS and those are rarer than unicorns right now. Drop down the the more common 50 KW and that 45 minutes is going to be 2 hours.

Electrify America will start deploying 150-350 kW charging stations with with stalls each this year, starting from California.

Anyway, if you need a car for fast and reliable cross country trips you would better get refuelable one. You can certainly go on chargers if you must prove your point, but it is not what general public would enjoy.

Tesla owners seem to enjoy their road trips quite nicely from what I read.

No one’s speculated, so I will 🙂 Jag and Tesla agree to provide Jag owners paid access to “100KW”. They’re small, and Tesla needs cash (beyond news of issuing “ABS” bonds, for leases) That video comment and one other thing stood out, to me.

Oversteer! Tesla would never let you have this much fun!

Good,it drives in winter. Now give me range loss info in the cold v summer.
I remember leaf testing in winter,and look how crappy the new leafs range is.
Is jag going to build its own super charging network? Don’t think Tesla would share.?.

Everybody is winter testing their cars.
Normally twice. The second time is usually adjustments to ABS/ESP/traction control programs and so on.

There were lots of people here in Arjeplog and drowe the i-pace.

There is no need for their own supercharger network. At least not in EV dense parts of Europe.

“Everybody is winter testing their cars.”

I have never seen winter test shots for the Tesla Model3 – at least not before the car went on sale.

Model 3 was spotted in New Zealand undergoing winter testing prior to first deliveries.

New Zealand anyone!!!!!

It happened and was posted here. I am sure Google could find it for ya.

I’m sure they have wintertested it in the US.
If not, it may have problems later in a winter situation.
Somehow cars and materials they are made of, will be affected by cold, ice or heat.
Just like intensive rust testing.
The biggest rust scandals are normally related to no rust testing.

Actually, Tesla is willing to share their Supercharger network, but no one has taken them up on it yet

Tesla Must not be offering a very good deal then.

Maybe like many OEMs they don’t care where you get your fuel.

How many I-Pace cars will Jaguar be producing and delivering in 2018?

Only they know what they’re planning, but they’re not a high volume manufacturer. J
aguar sold ~100K cars total in Europe & the US last year. I don’t expect they’re planning i-Pace will reach 10K this year, and one analyst estimated ~13K will be built in 2019. That’s not too bad — base price is expected to be ~$100K, after all.

Will people not simply prefer to buy a Tesla?

Why on earth would they ?

Because Tesla EV’s are superior in every way.

They are expensive though.

People who buy Jaguar are unlikely to prefer Tesla because of the interiors.

Only if they prefer much smaller more luxurious interiors at a premium price.

At least in Norway, I-Pace is priced above Model X. And with a much inferior charging network. Tesla also has access to public networks.

I think that the Jaguar I-Pace will not be worth more than a Tesla Model X.

So why would anyone want to pay that kind of money for a Jaguar I-Pace when the Tesla Model X is available as well?

The Tesla Model X will be the superior EV (in comparison with the Jaguar I-Pace).

Serial anti tesla troll thomas

Because the MX is so ugly. And bankrupt in a few years.


Unless Jaguar either changes the pricing, or the performance, probably yes. Last I read, the iPace was to have a 90kwh battery and only go a little over 200 miles. Also they were talking about pricing it in the same league as the Model X. If this is the case, most likely will stick with Tesla.

However, if the Jag goes more like 300 miles and is priced just below the Model X and just over the Model 3, likely it will do quite well. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Either way it means little to me as I can’t afford it no matter what they do.

There’s a whole up-market segment, with multiple cars in the drive-way. Porsche already, more of less, acknowledged they don’t expect Mission E will be anyone’s only car.

In my experience on interstates and eastern cities, few go long in their Teslas. This suggests multiple cars, which I think all EV auto-planners pretty much understand at this point. With Tesla, its high depreciation ($.50-$1 per mile, on trade), and auto-pilot in stop/go, that I admit make us less likely to reach for it on long trips.

It isn’t range anxiety, despite what manufacturers want to think.

Au contraire! MANY go long(very long) in their Teslas. The chat boards are filled with their experiences.

i-Pace is better looking in the pictures than a Model X. Have to see them both in person to make a final decision, though.

Yeah gotta love the big Ice grill on those bad boys

Looks like it has the same problem as Volt 1 / Ampera: the rear lights get covered in snow and the leds aren’t warm enough to melt it, so when it’s snowing, the car becomes nearly invicible to those behind it. At least the Ampera has an incandescent fog light that clears the snow and ice. I wonder about the Jag.

In that case they need to resurrect use of the 1970’s to 1990’s Benzes with the ribbed taillights. Didn’t matter how much snow, slush and gunk – you could still see the taillights.

To think what Rudolf Uhlenhaut would have done differently at Tesla boggles the mind and breaks your heart. He sure as $cheiss wouldn’t have you burrow down through three screens on some moronic ipad just to change your cruise control speed or turn on the friggin wipers!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

What’s the range and battery capacity?

I have placed my build slot deposit and will get delivery slot timing by june for end of 2018, so way before model 3 in UK.

“The Jaguar I-PACE was recently voted by readers of What Car? magazine as the most anticipated new car of 2018, securing six times the votes of any other model on the shortlist, which includes the likes Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Audi.”

Sure, except Tesla isn’t introducing any new cars in 2018.

Finally a proper long range EV that’s like an ordinary car!

I like it let’s see the final price

Great news from Jaguar.

But we cannot compare iPace with Model-X.
Model-X is a 3 row crossover with 7 passenger seating.

Let’s see what is the price of this model.
So March is getting a new EV. Hope it will be sold in all 50 states.

Can’t compare it to an X because it doesn’t look like a blimp.

Or pull like a Ferrari(without the smoke and noise).