Infiniti Teases More Of Its Electric Q Inspiration Concept


Infiniti has taken some additional wrap off of its soon-to-debut electric Q Inspiration concept.

The concept previews the company’s forthcoming flagship sedan, which will be electric too.

Infiniti finally has a name for its electric sedan concept that debuts in January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Q Inspiration Concept is a stylish sedan that signals the brand’s future design direction. Its curvaceous shape will also be the influence for the company’s forthcoming flagship sedan.

“We aim to take traditional sedan architecture to its next stage of evolution,” Karim Habib, Infiniti Design Director, said in the announcement with the teaser. “The Q Inspiration offers an alternative form; something more flowing in appearance with an unusually long and balanced cabin. Experimenting with new proportions in a typically conservative segment, the Q Inspiration features a shorter hood and elongated body, with all the benefits to interior wellbeing, comfort, and space that this layout entails.”

Inifinit Q Inspiration

The Q Inspiration features a fairly simply design with a flowing roof and prominent fenders. An outlet behind the front fenders adds a sporty flourish. The rounded rear featured a narrow, wraparound taillight that spans the vehicle’s entire width. Lots of glass in the roof and a large greenhouse suggest good outward visibility and an airy cabin.

The previous teaser photo (above) showed off the Q Inspiration’s heavily sculpted front end. It features narrow headlights and ribbing in faux grille.

Design director Habib added that Q Inspiration features “a shift toward smarter, more compact, and less intrusive powertrains.”  That’s sure sounds electric to us.

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

No specs?


Vaporware specs. 0-60 1.85 sec, 1/4 mile 8.5 sec, top speed 277+ mph. and for the petrolheads, nurburgring in 6 min 29 sec

I believe the range was recently increased to 626 miles, too. Not sure where that came from (ha!)

sounds about right! 😉

It looks much better than the current Infiniti lineup. They should just bring it to market regardless it’s EV or not.

I give up on Infiniti to bring any EV years ago.

Infiniti is part of Nissan. It’s not like they don’t have EV creds. They’re just focusing their EVs on the lower ends of the market where the Zoe and Leaf reside instead of the near premium segment where Infiniti is. They likely don’t really feel the need to fight to make yet another $80k car for silicon valley executives to drive.

From the back it looks very modern and aerodynamic … but the limited view of the front … not so good.

Back and side show Tesla influence on the segment and lighting that probably needs to be bigger, safety-wise in a production version. —

The concept shown looks as if the Prius influenced more designers than one may have anticipated. Where I consider the Prius and Prime goofy and incongruous, there are only so many shapes in this world and making eye-grabbing forms that stand apart from the competition that also have aerodynamic utility is a profound challenge for any design team.

The production offshoots will be more bland, but you have to admire a sleek shape.

You might want to add that it is a Nissan brand for all us who live in places where it’s an unknown brand.

Where is Infiniti an unknown?

Most (all?) of Europe. The Ioniq BEV is selling more than the whole Infinity brand here.

Most of those lesser brands “premium” brands are pretty unknown here. A few Lexus are being sold but even that is a pretty unknown brand.

And doesn’t Honda and/or Hyundai have such a brand too? And probably someone else.

Wow, a Porsche knock off?

After some googling. Genesis (Hyundai) and Acura (Honda) are part of those unknown brands.

Lol. Yes. I sometimes forget how insular European markets are to global brands. It’s just like VW-Audi. Honda-Acura, Toyota-Lexus, Nissan-Infiniti, Hyundai-Genesis, Chevy-Buick&Cadillac, Ford-Lincoln. They are all premium brands of their mainstream counterparts. They all do quite well in the US.

It is a bit hard to take Japanese/Korean “premium” seriously. A Toyota with lipstick is still basically just a Toyota.

The other way around is more popular. Like buying Skoda and getting Volkswagen tech without paying Volkswagen prices.

I would suspect that European ethno-nationalism has more to do with it than actual quality. Lexus outsells BMW and Audi in the US. All 3 of those brands along with Acura and Infiniti are considered “near-premium”. None of them are considered to be luxurious enough to pick up a CEO or world leader from an airport in the way a Cadillac or a Mercedes would, but are plenty nice for most upper middle class people who want some lipstick on their cars.

European car companies have about twice the capacity that is needed to serve the home market, so no surprise it is hard for others to enter.

Looks like a Tesla

I was thinking Mission E.

Get on with it, really we have been having Infiniti concepts since 2010. Tesla are here, they have proven the market – get in there and compete. Infiniti sold 130k cars in 2015 in the USA Tesla’s aprox. 50k car sales this year would be a pretty handy number to add to that. Infiniti wouldn’t need to go head to head with Tesla either. They could easily sell a large saloon and soft roader in the $60-70k range with a 60 kWh battery. Essentially a poor mans S and X. Is it that hard to put a slightly sportier version of the leaf power train in a Q70 and QX30?

Quick,hide it before Mercedes executives steal it and take it apart before it reaches the auto shows ?.